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  • Hey thillerchild - how have you coped with your dad's passing? I'm having a difficult time. The 1 year anniversary is right around the corner
    I loved the living holy hell out him
    Thanks Thrillerchild!

    I did have a good experience, but my emotions ran away with me... I think I just missed Michael. There was actually a point in the show, during The Way You Make me Feel, when my eyes started searching the stage for him, like he was missing. I caught myself and it was a sore reminder. I will share my pics soon! The one that DID turn out was the one of Travis and Joe. Like a goof, I took the picture with my own camera forgetting I was still holding mine and not Joe's. After he was like "Do you mind taking one with mine?" lol, embarrassing, but I'm glad I got the picture!

    Hey, I just saw your message to me here in the forum! Sorry for my tardiness. Thank u for the Facebook friendship!
    Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

    :heart::santaclaus:Merry Christmas Little Brother :heart::santaclaus:

    :heart: Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with
    joy and peace through the New Year ! :heart:

    Hey Buddy!! Hope you are doing well! Happy Easter!! :hug:
    Thank you dear,
    she's going slowly..It's hit me all over again, I know that she wouldn't want me sad but she's going to miss a lot of things. She won't get to hear about me getting the man I love back...
    May God brings comfort to you and your family in these times.
    Sorry for your loss,
    Much love

    Ps: erase this message if it makes you feel sad in the future.
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