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  • Hello!

    I wanted to let you know I posted the Tribute to Aaliyah that aired on BET in the Aaliyah thread. Just in case you wanted to check it out. I hope you are doing well! :)
    Hi there sorry for disturbing you, i just saw your post in the French fans thread about your stay in Paris, to make sure you see my post i'll post it here:

    Sorry thrillerchild i do not know of any mj events in the city but maybe someone here knows, do you know the member called um Mjkop4ever ? PM him he'll answer you he's a nice person. :)
    Hi Stephen! :hi: I added a little bit more starlight to your siggy, I hope you like:
    Stephen, you're welcome! :)
    I hope you'll raise a lot of money! :yes:
    Make-A-Wish foundation is an amazing cause! :heart:

    With the L.O.V.E.,
    Diana xx
    Ok not funny, I know...LOL!
    Where's your profile picture?
    Have a great day today! :huggy:

    Diana xx
    :waving: LOL! Crazy Stephen! :lol:
    Have fun this Saturday!! With three girls in a hotel huh...? :trytobeangel :naughty: :hysterical:
    *Just joking* :lol: :D

    Take care!! :victory:

    Diana xx
    :birthday: Hope you had a lovely birthday last Thursday. :yes:

    D'oh! Sorry! LOL Call it a Senior moment!! :D Keep getting October and November dates mixed up!!! :doh: Sorry! Well at least I got b day greeting in early eh?!!! :yes:
    aw ty :huggy: your pic message made my day ,spoke a thousand words was kinda funky . thanxs dude.
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