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  • trying to divert my mind of what happened. but i dont know when it will be more or less ok. I know Michael would like us to be strong and keep his message alive. But now i just want to grieve. it will be easier with time but "to miss him" is not the word to describe how we all feel. life is not going to be the same. I only pray for fans that are not strong enough so they dont take their own lifes. it's so scary that we lost some. it's just really scary.
    will you go to the vigil in your city?
    you write me to my email address if you want
    hi Brad

    thank you for your message. it is very nice to hear from you. i keep your posters safe and lately wanted to laminate them so i can use one for the vigil. i moved to Wellington since. i know how you feel. Everybody feels the same pretty much the same, going through these different stages of grief. i didnt cry much but it doesnt mean anything i was scared to start crying on the day because i would have started screaming i think. i am
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