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  • I'm only gonna say this one time. Keep yourselves far away from me. I will live my life and handle my business any way I choose to.I've blocked you. I don't give a damn. Leave me be. I will do what I want to.. and When will I stop? When I damn well WANT to. Keep lurking. It's all some people know how to do.
    I want to give a warm Hello to all who decide to visit this page. It's been a very long time since I have been here. I didn't have a computer,but My sweet mommy bought me a laptop for Christmas. I know that December is usually a time people look back and take stock of everything ,and I know that this year has been tough for all Michael Jackson fans worldwide. My heart and my love are with you all, and I wish all of you a very merry christmas. I know that in sorrow, it doesn't seem like you are blessed much, but believe me, You are! Please take care and Don't ever give up hope.
    Hi Everyone! I miss you all very much. I don't have a computer now,which is why I haven't been online. Things are going well... It's Springtime which always means a new beginning. :eek:) Take Care everyone
    Happy Thanksgiving - and remember, bring your TUMS if you're gonna eat too much today! ! LOL!
    I'm hanging in there,Linda... Trying to download everything again and get back into the swing of things. lol

    How are you, hon? I hope all is well with you :O)
    Tiffany - how are you doing hon? I hope today is good for you...was just thinking about you....
    A virus hit my old computer and rendered it a hopeless cause. I am back with a new computer.

    I missed you all soo much!! *Warm Hugs*
    Yes..3 years away ...and Still older than I am!!! HA!!!!

    Have a wonderful Birthday,Sis :)
    I am offically 3yrs away from from being 40! LOL. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)
    Uh-huh... *Raised eyebrow..

    Weeell,Okay.. :lol: You don't sound that bad when you sing! Heck,Only one dog down the block howled.... It's an improvement hun.. :lol:

    Cass, It's great to see you again! *Warm Smile
    OMG. Did you remember that time I triiiiiiiiiiiied to sing? ROTFLMAO. I did try and warn ya'll..I have never sung a note since.. except to my damn self with the exception of the twin girls that I babysit sometimes.. they are only 9 months old and they LOOOOOOOOVE when I sing.. *pout
    Thank you so much,Linda :) Yes,Today is gonna be special! I'm having a party for me and all of my friends and relatives. It's gonna be great! I wish all of you could be there.. and I could have a huge Michael Jackson Birthday party!

    Please take care,Linda ... and God Bless you! :)

    Cass, You made my birthday complete!!! :) ...Even if my ears are still ringing from you singing... LMAO

    Thank you with all of my heart!
    Wow.. I'm not used to this lol...

    Cass... Thank you. :) It's good to be back around.

    Linda.. Thank you so much! Please take care and have a wonderful day!!!

    MJA....Hey Hon! I hope you're still sticking in there! God Bless you and remember that there's angels looking out for you!
    Sorry, to hear about your illness. Hope they can help you to be more comfortable. Good to see you around again, btw. Welcome back. Say Hi to your Dad for me and of course Snowball. ;)
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