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    my Michael drawings -I'd like your opinion!

    wow these are really beautiful! xx
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    Say Goodnight to Michael

    I was completely taken unawares last night when Gone too soon came on shuffle. It really hit me all over again. So I'm saying goodnight Michael, always know how very much loved you are. We love you! xxx
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    Member Support thread - come on in.

    I am so tearful tonight. God I miss him so much. I am sending everyone huge hugs tonight. Michael is proud of us, and I am trying to celebrate his life. But it's hard.....
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    I've never felt so miserable

    Big hugs to everyone here. I miss him too and I hate June now. xx
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    The New Support Forum

    I'd like to register too please, under the same user name. And Victoria, you surely can't be as old as me. Lets just say I remember going without school dinners for a couple of days so I could buy the single Ben.... But Michael music knows no boundaries right!
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    Organizing chat group/Facebook group to stay in touch

    I like Gaz' idea, I'm not on facebook. x
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    Hold my hand thread

    Holding your hand tightly Jemini. xx
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    (bootleg) Tii dvd on sale yesterday

    I was in the cinema watching TII the other day and there was a man sitting just behind me who was arrested for recording the film. 2 policemen and the cinema manager came and escorted him out.
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    If I had my life to live over (by Erma Bombeck)

    This is beautiful, thank you. x
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    Counselling "room"?

    Victoria, I think you have it just right on here. Support is readily available from others like yourself who understand the huge impact Michaels passing has had on us all. But you always encourage the more medical side of things too and urge people to seek professional help if the support...
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    Things that we could do to try to save a life.

    Danniilee, I think you would be wonderful at this. Victoria and Mechi do a wonderful job and I think you would be a great asset to them and to this community. You have my vote hunny! x
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    Just a quick Shout to say...

    Danniilee, I think you're amazing. Even through your own grief you are reaching out to help others. Michael will be so proud of you hun. Bless you. xxxx
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    I am sitting in tears at this awful news. This is beyond tragic, and I wish I could have helped. I feel so useless but my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Please everyone, look after yourselves and eachother. xxx
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    Thinking about suicide...

    Chanya, hope you're doing ok today hun. xxx
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    Maybe this will help?

    Victoria, we are so lucky to have you. I really needed to see that tonight. x