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  • LeShe!

    Damn can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last chatted to you. How've you been, darlin? Looking forward to bumping into you around here.

    Cheers for all your messages, btw. Much appreciated.
    Hi Till!! Just saying hi!! How's it going? What have you been up to? Hope you've been well!! Take care and God bless!! *HUGS* :)
    um...i will join some celebration activities here,
    and also send a ballon to Michael tmr...
    i think its really a good idea~~will you do it????
    hope you have a nice day tmr......
    wow, your profit's colour really so cool~~~~~

    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    what will you do on 29August,2009???????
    Hey. :) I finally decided to see how things were over here. I'm doing great just in case you wanted to know. :)
    Hello I am french, I am has l origin of a project which consists black and white ball(balloon) in the sky 29 has to lacher aout has french 21 hours have create a blog has this subject to explain my project but is writ french races of the world:argentine, South Africa, Congo, senegale, Spain, Belgium, United States, are going to mobilize and lacher of the balls(balloons);
    In France I am mediatiser the project to make him set of l empleur has pictures of MJ
    I solisite you and ask you to join(contact) has we for movement world in its homage and him for his birthday
    I also ask to take one photos of your balls(balloons) and to be passed on it thanck
    My blog
    http://pillou78000.skyrock.com/ or ange1057198056@aol.com

    If there are gatherings, concerts in the tribute or when between friends mobilize you as the world c is mobilized for the memorial ceremonie

    please help me (us) french and fan to mj for going this message in your country for him memory
    yep ,,realy taking it day by day too babe ....i mean ..ugh ...
    love you sweety , stay strong ok ? . :huggy:
    :huggy:x10000000000000000000000000000000777 :heart: ~infinty .
    There're some memorial activities for Michael in china and HK,
    such as some shops will broadcast his songs, video, MV etc.
    some stars sangs his songs, imitate his dance step to mourn him;
    and detruded some albums of him.
    I think the major memorial activities of Michael are these,
    after all, Michael in china are not so popular same as the other cities in Europe.
    I hope you can understand it=]
    But Michael still has some bigs fans in China too~~
    And i will be his big fans forever~~~
    aww till ~bless you babe ,,:weeping: thanx you for that .
    how are you doing ? :huggy:x100000000000000000000000000000000000 xox
    Hello LeShae!! :)
    Thanks for stoppin by ;) Glad you're still on here.. same with me.
    So are you excited for MJs announcments tomorrow about his venues at the 02 arena? I wonder if he is announcing anythingelse?
    hey, thanks a lot, hope you had a nice holiday. was a bit busy myself, and anything you put effort to pays off in one way or another. all the best to you, mate.
    sorry i ment where interms of when and where was it taken not what site its from
    hi wheres that pic from that says excuse meh on it?
    hey, we will talk soon. If summer doesnt open her chat I will, just need to let everyone else know a date and time, but i'll ask summer first
    Hey Till, girl how are you?
    I hope all is well! Take care
    and thank you so much
    for responding in the thread! I dearly appreciate that!
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