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    Osama Bin Laden is Dead- Celebrity Tweets Concerning Death Post 71

    xthunderx2 Thanks for posting that article... I felt kickin myself in the ass after hearing that on tv. Not that I never though they'd try to do some macabre sh*t again, but you don't think about it all the time. So that was a good way of re-iterating "these mofos are relentless".
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    Make-Up & Beauty Thread

    ^^ I imagine that make u look great! *loves blue-green* It's so interesting seeing everyone here and their makeup adoration. I hardly ever use it, but if I got started again, the lipstick'd have to be of a darker saturation (burgundy red, deep violet maybe). Being dark-skinned, I think, kinda...
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    MJ Tribute BET Awards 2010 *Update Chris Brown Speaks Up Post 214*

    Re: MJ Tribute BET Awards 2010 *Merged* ... It's a tribute. And in a tribute the performer, of course, is gonna resemble the person they are honoring. What's so hard to understand??
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    Rolling Stone Magazine crowns Jay-Z as the new King of America

    Marketiing is all this is and will continue to be. Of course fans are gonna come in here and say what they say, but it's quite entertaining though. :P
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    Women's Periods

    Exercise much? EDIT: Ooooooo blood on the dance flooor...
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    Women's Periods

    I know, it's bogus but like I said that's how it be in some places/countries. Of all the things considered taboo, people are still up in arms about something harmless.
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    Women's Periods

    So what is it (speaking to GrandMaster)... is it some type of hypocrisy you're pointing to? Or maybe it's just your personal opinion, which is fine. I mean of course you're probably gonna feel that way... being a man and all. It is what it is. I'm didn't know talking about menstruation is...
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    Any Eminem Listeners here

    The day this mj/eminem grudge stops is when the world falls into oblivion. Now that that's aside, new song is pretty good.
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    I'm content, thanks for responding back at me. Actually I'm suprised since I''ve just logged in...

    I'm content, thanks for responding back at me. Actually I'm suprised since I''ve just logged in a few seconds ago, just to do my daily lurking. Y'know.
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    Unpopular opinions

    The Charmbracelet album by Mariah Carey is underrated, and possibly Glitter. Damita Jo by Janet is underrated. HIStory is underrated.
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    Do You Listen To More Male or Female Artists?

    Females, very much, rnb/pop/ some alternative genres here and there, although I try not to leave males out. Guess I'm just biased for the female voice and the various offerings and such, I can't help myself. :)
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    I'm surprised this chick that goes by the stage name DOUBLE seems so underrated; her name is Takako. She, along with her late sister Sachiko were a band hench the stagename, but unfortunately she died in 1999 even before their debut album dropped. Since then, Takako retained the name and...
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    Comic Relief - Secret to Jermaine Jackson's Hair

    I got this Youtube and it's from the rickey Smiley Morning Show. It is very... it's better left unsaid, lol. Posted back in December of 2009.
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    The Best/Most Beautiful Album Covers

    I hadn't seen Erykah's new cover yet... wow! :clap:
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    For Sade Fans

    Re: Sade Returning In 2010! MJ's name is used as a metaphor for love/emotions, nothing more, nothing less. Anyway, Skin is my favorite song off the album. I wonder if Sade will be touring anytime soon?