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  • sorry i haven't responded to your message. but yes the AO final was sooooo heartbreaking. ARGH... but i went to both kooyong and hte first week of Australian Open and met him, talked to hm took photos with him so many times. I watched every single match from R1-R4. and i even sat right next to his player's box. so i shouldn't complain. this is one of the most special moments in my life, you can't really see me, but i've got a crazy straw hat with red streamers:
    yup i believe so.he looks so incredibly happy on grass. he won Halle without dropping serve at all!!

    grass gives him special confidence and glow. let's keep the faith.
    I've been doing great- schools over and I have time to dance to Michael all day LOL!

    It's nice to know you're doing good- I hope you enjoy your summer =)
    how ya doing my girl? LOL!

    hit @ mee =) good luck with the scavenger hunt!!
    tinxs yay!! :lol: ..yeah im fine cheerz me dearz , close that curtain ?? oh um no not yet sure tha dario argentos demon' s will deffo get me if i dooooooooooo !!!!!! :cringes: lmboooo .
    naughty you tube!!! banned for all them wendis that DONT use it wisely
    I used to like Djokovic. but the more i know about him the less i like him. He and his family are completely just over the top arrogant people. i just can't believe it. that's the homepage, and then you can go to "forum"
    Oh yea now I got it :)
    I´d like to visit in Brazil some day if I had enough money to do that :)
    Here in Finland is so boring and too cold for me lol :D
    hello! yes RF fan. =) yup major major RF fan. so i watch every single match of his, that is...if i can get my hands on livestream or otherwise TV. on his official forum all the anything a fan does.

    and guess have just made my day!! love it when i find fellow rf and mj fans. :D
    I´ll go to my summercottage for whole summer :) We have our own lake and it´s very beautiful place :) How about you? ^^
    nah i didnt fall from a horse

    i was out in town and fell down the step's haha thought id sprained my ankle but it got worse and the doctor got me taken into hospital for check's had xray's and it confirmed it was a big fracture of the foot ....
    thats jus my nature though , its lovely that you added me as a mate so how tings going girlie ?
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