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  • Yes!
    Only a MJJC Member and before that MJNO...
    I don't use torrent for now
    Only Megaupload (account) for upload & Rapidshare for download...
    sorry to be a bother
    i read about that drama because of the brunei concert and your thread and i really hope i wont upset you by asking that - is this the only place where you upload videos? I have a really hard time downloading through sites like rapidshare or megaupload and I am wondering do you have torrents or something?
    And last but not least - big thanks for uploading so many videos. It's so kind and the videos are useful for people like me who dont have much stuff. :)
    If it's not you and some other members on this board half of the people in the world would be lost :D
    I need some rest now...
    I'll be back with these 2 uploads of victory tour in 2 weeks...
    See you soon...

    I don't like too much the History Tour and i'm not askin to buy somethin to members or requestin money for buyin this lipsynced concert!!!
    I don't care about brunei concert!!!!!!
    We have Munich 97 in high quality now!!! and i don't really need this brunei show!!!
    1400€ for one concert , it's more than the total price of my collection!!!!
    We are crazy or what?????
    But Tino you're great and you didn't do anything wrong, your thread should be reopened! They should go after the trolls not you!
    I'm very sorry but they close my thread because of BRUNEI concert!!

    I'll have nothing to do with this donation stuff!!!!!

    I don't need this concert and i don't give money for that!!!!

    I'm living this forum because i'm very upset now!! ...

    I'm a free uploader!!!!!!!!


    I cannot thank you enough for all of the rare videos you have shared here. Without you...I would have never seen any of this rare footage. Because of you...I have loved Michael even more.
    J ai vu ke t avais human nature live paris 88, jai exactement la meme video et sans coupure au milieu. et la qualite est un peu mieux
    i'm doin' good. lookin' forward to more J5 especially.
    I'm fine Trina THX! And You?
    More few uploads of J5ive/MJ are coming soon :)...
    hey tino. how are you? just stopped by to say "hey". and thanks again for the latest uploads. you're my king of uploads:wub:.
    For me is still working because i've just check it and it's good!
    I dunno

    :santa_elf:hey tino! i hope you have a great christmas if you celebrate!:newyear:
    :no::no:eek:h tino no. i'm so sad. OMG. thank you for all of your incredible uploads. you gave us all so much amazing, incredible videos and dvds. what will we do without you?:(

    please pm an email address or some other way of keeping in touch.
    i will miss you here more than i can say.

    take good care fausto.

    love, trina
    thanks for answer
    hope you continue anytime your great collection
    we all know that this is forum isn't like mjno, but we all have to live with that ;)

    we can work things out and upload more
    you do for fans
    tino, please don't leave the board forever or anything like that, I'm sure we can work things out.
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