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  • Hey yeah im good thanks, just really busy lol, aww kool I still have the same number too :) xx
    ok kool, I will text you the day before or something, and we can arrange to meet up, I probably get there about 1.30pm or so, and i think Im gonna be going back home the same day, I should have looked for a cheap room ages ago lol take care xx
    aww ok kool, I think im gonna have to go back on the same night, what time are you thinking of getting there? and what are doing during the day? sorry 20 questions haha x
    Hey Tom, are you gonna get the train there and back on the day? I'm trying to find somewhere to stay the night, but its either too expensive or fully booked lol x
    ok kool :) yeah I saw on facebook there's like 720 attending, whoaaaaaaaaaa lol, its gonna be mega :) xxx
    Hey Tom, I've just found the London event on facebook, and see that your going, do you wanna meet up? x
    Tom. Hello. That is all. You going to stay over with us in June btw as we're going to have to make a decision before prices shoot up.
    Hi love!! How are you? It has been a while and I think I made the best decision to take a break because I was neglecting everything in order to be on here all the time and it just wasn't right. :no:
    So anyway, how are you? I hope everything is well for you. I miss you.

    LOVE, Fran :heart:
    sorry for doing the thread about the chat roulette it was only way i knew how to work my web cam and i thought it was agood idea to talk to people and see them:yes:
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