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  • Hey I deleted a few of your posts from the TMZ thread (Williamorange1 related). Just cleaning his offtopic stuff.
    Okey, thanks :)
    Yes, I've tried using IE but it loads really slow and I prefer Mozilla. I would have thought it's a virus but it rejects me only on that board. I also deleted my cookies, I deleted my history and restarted Mozilla a couple of times but it's still the same:/ I'm with the latest version of Mozilla now...but I'll wait to see what the other staff member will say :) :)
    As you're part of the Member Service Team I'd be happy if you can help me. :) The problem is that the forum rejects me every 10 minutes... It has been like this for almost a month now. It drives me crazy sometimes ;D when I'm writing a post and click 'post' I expect to see my post posted ( :D ) but instead it pops up "sorry you're not logged in" *roll eyes*... I don't know what happened... Everything was fine before...Mozilla asked whether I want or not to keep me logged in but now doesn't ask that :/
    Im just so confused! Thank you again for your support. Its great to know that I have friends I can talk to. I just feel so alone. I just cant stop crying right now..
    Don't apologize for sharing your opinion or take the blame for other people being rude and obnoxious.
    They only way we learn in life is through communicating with others. :waving:

    :billiejean: :smoothcriminal: :billiejean: :smoothcriminal: :billiejean: :smoothcriminal:
    Happy Birthday Tom! Just noticed it was ur b'day on the front page. Go wild and crazy. :lol:

    Hi Tom - listen I see you're still a regular to the Applehead thread, just asking do you know if the thread queen (London) is ok - I noticed shes not been posting on here for a while. Hope everythings ok!
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