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  • So what did you meant on unbreakble thread that the riff should play with a proper drum and bass so
    You don't like the riff?
    Brilliant! Nice to see a new Suede album on the shelves. The only one I have is Coming Up, one of the best albums of the Britpop era imo. I'm one of those people that likes to get into music through buying the actual albums. All this technology and I still find it hard to motivate myself to YouTube to listen to new music. Will have to check out more Suede. You go to a lot of gigs Mr R, as long as I've virtually known you! :cool:
    A few weeks ago I was looking at those Suede remastered 2-disc sets. They look fantastic! Did you get their new album? Ive seen a standard, special and deluxe editions of it. I've also seen deluxe editions of the Pulp albums. You've put me in a Britpop mood by mentioning Suede and Oasis!
    Well, it looks like my chill pill worked since I no longer am anywhere near as pissed off as I was when I last wrote to ya. Guess u don't have that much to worry about. I'm all barks and not much bittin' :p
    I saw :hysterical: I betta step aside, take a chill pill and reflect a bit myself before I'll write things I may later regret. In my neck of the woods it can get really scary at times, so I gotta choose my words verrrrrrry carefully lol. I was actually supposed to be doin' other stuff right about now, but that person really bugged me out and hastened my return to that thread and also the extent of my reply. I hope they won't regret what they did lolol.
    I know what you're saying. You've done moreeee than your fair share of trying to prove a point to people, but indeed, some cannot be forced to see the light. Thanks again for all your posts there and......everywhere. Love your wit, humor and doggone common sense :) Can I throw a friend request your way?
    Enjoy, Tony! Tampa/St. Pete is beautiful. I've seen the Rays play over there and I got my library degree from USF. I've had enough of theme parks, I have to admit.
    Yes, fine and dandy. :D

    Oh, it's HOT here already. Where in Florida, if you don't mind my asking?

    Back to work for me.
    Dearest Mr R, could you please find it in your precious heart to delete some old messages from your inbox? I know this is a lot to ask, & believe me, it breaks my heart to bring it up, but yeah, delete some inbox stuff so you can receive some new inbox stuff. & heres a few random smilies :clap::fortuneteller::wub::chillin::pirate::big_boss::assassin:
    Heya Tony, its still saying your inbox is full? Weird.
    Your welcome man. That Madge box set was a labor of love for your good self. Would you believe we've still not seen the MDNA tour? I've really got to get the dvd, because we loved the actual concert so much. I still can't believe how close you were to her & the stage! It must have been mind blowing! That intro when she came in, in the confession box & all the glass smashed blew my mind! The stage was unbelievable!!

    Yeah, I'm happy enough with my MJ lot of late too I guess. Loved Bad25 & Xscape! & yeah, I would really love another Dangerous concert. :)
    Mr R, delete some of your old inbox messages like a good sweetheart as I can*t pm you. Thank you darling. :D
    TONY! So.. somehow I stumbled upon the thread about MaxJax being closed & I saw one of your posts which made me realized... I'VE MISSED YE! Hope you're doing well in your part of the world.

    <3 tyff
    Dear Mr Tony R! why is it that we only stumble upon each other when shit's going down at Max? All too guilty of swarming around the drama. How are we?
    Well that certainly is bizarre.

    I really need to wash. I am proper gross. I have a mad 'fro too. I need to wait until the bath men have been before I can get in though. You know how it is.
    He LAUGHED?! That's it, that laddie is gettin chibbed.

    Can I have an opal fruit? Not a yellow one.
    Are you seeing him right now? Tell him that I have always thought that he was a glaikit bampot and he's got a face like a dug lickin pish aff a nettle. Next time I see him I gonna give him a keeker and make him greet. Fuckin' gadgie can go stick his bovril up his erse.
    You and your technicalities. I am feeling a bit better after pills and food. Did you have fun with Andy?
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