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  • aaww realy kind ty....your very sweet ,those words ..thanx you toppy. i wish you a lovely weekend ahead.:yes: lovin you too, Topflux.:flowers: stay blessed and spk soon, i hope:wild:
    Nothing extremely special. Yet. I love you wendijane. We need more people like you.
    hiya :flowers:your right you kno, sadly,there ha been alot of lisa bashing as of late and neggativity ...i wanted to come to your profile to express how i thought it was a beautiful thing to make that thread to leave her alone topflux , i realy do. this shows what a kind and compassionate caring individual you are , i like those qualites in my friends. thanxs for being one of mine .
    you replyed .
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !:wild:

    ty hun .:happy: wub ya tooooooooooo toppy !.:wild:
    have a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat week .
    hey , here for you on the 25th .
    Hi, Im sorry I havent been reading visitor messages. But I love you. Hope to see you soon.
    'I love Lisa. She's nice. I think she misses Michael. Who wouldnt..'

    i had to quote you on this one , but couldnt ..cos the thread was on rawr-lockdown :(
    but ...yeah, i agree .*hugg*
    :better: its cool , no worrys ..:happy:
    thanx you hun .
    thats one beautiful comment .
    i think you rock too .:wild:
    stay strong k .:huggy:
    going to accept my friend request ?
    Topflux, I think you misunderstood you Legacy Member's something else than the Legacy Project, those people got green names/banners. ;)
    Legacy Member banners are given out to those who have been here for a couple of years and have over 100 posts or something, you can read the statements made by Gaz in the News & Happenings-section. :)
    Yeah, I write crazy threads but it looks like some of those people don't find them "crazy". They think I mock Michael or something. I'd have never ever any reason to mock Michael because he's my virtual friend. I'm one of the biggest fans of him (you might be some bigger) for more than 20 years now. I love his music and he's completely the very best in the pop music history...
    hello you write crazy threads ~i like you . haaaaaa *huggs *
    sendiing you love hun , have a great week ahead ..*runs away *
    Sounds like it was a good thing your internet connection collapsed then when it did or you'd have said what you weren't supposed to hey?
    lol that is funny! So did you finally write what everyone was waiting for?
    hahahaha aren't you a brat with your "So I called Michael Jackson yesterday" thread. Were you just going to let everyone suffer in there, or are you going to elaborate more?
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