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  • Kudos for fighting the fight on behalf of those who can't fight it for themselves yet. (and who shouldn't be fighting that fight to begin with!)
    What you're seeing here is the stereotypical attitude, complete with all stereotypes. I see it from the positive, because without failure the pro-circ side presents the same arguments- I can even predict them.
    Thank you for starting this thread, because that was an excellent opportunity to give 'accidental' surfers who might not have children yet, something to think about. Don't get upset, you're doing an amazing job, how many children you have saved you might find out later... If you only saved ONE CHILD, you lived your life with purpose- and that I mean.

    Cheers! Thank you for your courage, no matter what the topic, sexual orientation or other discrimination that humans feel entitled to- I recognize certain names! Don't EVER give up, you're making a HUGE difference on this planet today!
    I respect so much what you said in the Christianity thread. There's not a lot else I can say about it without toeing the line here, but just know that it was awesome and very well presented!
    Hi there how are you ? :)

    Thank you for answering, i forgot i had asked ya the question as i have a shitty memory, thx for reminding me. Thx for the info. I dunno if it is this one but i saw something on TV about one of her recent videos i think. In the video you could see body doubles and the caption was "DAT AIN'T BRIT" haha. Hope you're well, have a nice weekend !!!!! :)
    It's way past my bedtime, just messaging you to let you know that I got Americian Life the other day. I've not listened yet, but perhaps tomorrow I'll give it a spin. Really looking forward to it. Listening to Celebration a lot. I don't think theres a bad track on there. Start to finish, it's pop music at it's best. I think her older stuff even sounds better today. It's still all very fresh. :~)
    Travis, thank you very much for the links on the Madonna thread.I'm now listening to the dvd version of Celebration and its superb. Even better than the 2-disc I own. Thanks a million fella.
    Was hoping you'd comment on my Top Madonna 100. Was interested to know what you thought.
    Janet was threated very unfairly following the SB incident. Racism? Maybe, yes. But the main reason why her career has taken a nosedive is that te quality of her records aren't the same as the the earlier ones in my opinion. If she had followed the SB incident with an album of the quality of Control or Rhythm Nation they would have been major hits - tit incident or no tit incident. All in my modest opinion of course.
    Thank you all so much. So sweet of you. And nope, I'm not a girl. No biggie. ^_^
    Oh I noticed it's ur birthday today 2. Happy birthday and dont let the seemingly Madonna hate on this board keep u down ^. I'm sure there're many ppl here love her. It's just they're not very vocal lol. I guess ur a girl, am I right?
    Happy Birthday to you too! Aint that something... I'm 10yrs older then you exactly.
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