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  • Hi,

    I read your posts on the thread about the follow-up to Invincible and I just wanted to ask you some questions regarding the songs that you have heard.I can totally understand if you aren’t able to give away any titles.
    Were the songs that you have heard from the brief 2005 Bahrain sessions, the 2006 Ireland sessions or the 2007/08 Las Vegas sessions? Is one of the songs that has enough vocals to be released called: ‘D.I.E’?

    Thank you in advance!
    I saw your post regarding the unreleased MJ songs. I respect your decision not to post the song titles. But maybe you could give me a few more hints? Are the 4 mostly completed songs from his final year ballads or are they uptempo? Are they on the famous songlist that was found in his bedroom? Is „Rocker“ one of the songs? Are the songs collaborations with Michael Prince / Brad Buxer / Neff-U? Were the songs really recorded post 2005 or were they recorded earlier and just reworked in 2008/2009?
    It would mean so much to me to finally get more information about his final work.
    Big thank you :)
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