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  • Do you think we can fit an easter egg in that mouth?
    Hi Meisie :)

    Wilde he even een prettige pasen wensen met je familie!
    De gehoor test was ok ! 5%less maar.. zo goed nieuws...
    Ben nog steeds aan het helpen....ze heeft zoveel werk arme schat Celeste! (2 Businesses!)Hubby is hopeloos met paperwork......
    Ik moet ook weer gaan oppasen 2 dagen op Hana en Jon in dat word nog

    doei lieverd xxxxxx
    spreek je gauw weer :)
    Hi sweetiepie!:)
    o'dear time flies and it is over a month again!
    Have been helping Celeste this month getting everything in order and doc visits and
    well i became a grootmoeder again!nr 6!..19 Maart "Summer"...4.2 flinke meid ha ha
    I have been there helping out!
    Tegenwoordig hebben ze een gehoor test meteen in het ziekenhuis..failed
    we moesten dezelfde week terug en die failed again.
    we zijn daarna naar een gehoor place geweest en ja het ziet er naar uit dat ze mild gehoor probleem heeft...we moeten
    nog een keer terug voor een andere test..hoop dat het een beter resultaat..maar ja geeft niet het is een schat van een baby
    en tegenwoordig kunnen ze een hoop doen toch?
    En hoe ga jij?
    is het nog gelukt om niet te roken?
    Vind het nog vreemd dat mjfc er niet meer is hoor!! een hoop mensen zijn natuurlijk hun eigen kant opgegaan...
    He heb je de nieuwe Bad anniversary set al?Ik vind hem heel goed!
    Ja je hebt gelijk 2009 is heel pijnlijk ja gaat de tijd hard he?
    veel liefs xxx
    Hello sweetheart :)
    Sorry have not been around much (but you're always in my heart;)
    Have been busy .....and one thing after another got an infection....then my back gave in....then ears totally blocked!!!I was deaf as a door nail felt really old!!What? what did you say? come again? lol
    Year did not start good for you? Sorry to hear that!!Hope that it has worked out by now...
    Sounds hard to do.. leaving the smokes...i have that with chocolate and cake :( just tried to be better this year but i eat more of it when stress is around!
    I have to lose some 4-5 kilo's as well Karin! wished we could do it together!!

    Heat here is getting to me.......No rain for 68 day's it is so dry.. no grass left only sand!!
    we hear the fire trucks almost everyday!!scary!

    PS thanks for your card!!
    Loved it :)
    You must have had a Birthday Karin!!
    Happy belated Birthday Karin so sorry i have missed it...:(
    I''ll make it up to you next year :)

    Love to you always xxx
    Hi dear Karin :)
    Hope you are well...
    Start of the year here is VERY Hot!!! (44 today!)
    I am Melting!!

    Hi Karin!!!
    Happy New Year sweet girl!
    Thanks for the Love and hope we will be here a little more in 2014..
    Lots of happiness to you and your family this year!
    Mar :)
    I miss you ever so much. I will be off a few days I will catch up with you. I miss you too.
    Hi K.V just like to wish you and your family a lovely Christmas in case i do not get time to get on here!

    That is ok meis!! Did not see that... was only here for 5 min...
    BEY Darlin i am going to do some exercise with Mikey ;)



    Lots of cuddles xoxoxox
    O'Great that you are goingKarin!
    I only wish...but one day i like to see England..
    How wonderful you stopped smoking girl!!Keep it up...
    I made this Jib Jab with the song "let's get physical" ha ha of course Michael and me it is sooo funny better not let Pete see it ha ha

    wish i could put it on

    I got a new phone i am still trying to figure it all out but i can go online (don't have much download! have to look into it...
    Should change my name to Confusia lol.

    Ok meid werk ze ...niet te hard he ;) geef jezelf wat Free roaming lol.

    xxxxLove ya right back xxxx

    I will try to get in on phototbucket ....
    Yea Karin Christmas is around the corner!!
    And i am not even organized at all..
    Well shopping in London sounds like fun!!:)

    Working so hard again sweetie?
    Darn that!!
    But yea it is a busy month he?
    I should not even be on here....ha ha but cant help myself..
    I am sorting my stuff out from the house,i just put it all quickly in boxes and now
    i will give most of it to the helping more room in this place!!


    well short note from moi
    See ya later dear :)
    xLove is forever x
    Hi KV. :)

    Not to bad today...
    Watched that stupid interview from Murray last night!!
    I could not believe what he was saying (and not saying?)

    I think it will always be a mystery about what happened with Michael,and that is only because with that sort of people MONEY comes first he?
    A very sad interview i cant stand Murray he behaves really weird and is only hurting Michael s children don't ya think?

    Have you seen it?

    well lets not spoil our fun he?

    Otherwise Mike will tell me off again!!
    Hmmm not that i mind ;) that..


    Hope all is well on your side sweet lady
    Sorry about venting!!!
    Doeiiiii love you XXX

    Looks like Mike is getting sick of me posting wrong as well look....
    He is telling me off ;) lol.
    Ooops she did it again ha ha lache he?

    forgot click view conversation....

    Very nice Photochoppies!!:)girl
    Thank ya Ma'am
    Heee girl how is it going ;)

    I am trying to get the vegie patch going....but those stupido chickedee's keep making a mess!
    Think i have to make me some CHICKEN NOODLE soup ;) lol

    Loads of love from Moi...we will bump into each other soon again i hope!

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