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  • O'Great that you are goingKarin!
    I only wish...but one day i like to see England..
    How wonderful you stopped smoking girl!!Keep it up...
    I made this Jib Jab with the song "let's get physical" ha ha of course Michael and me it is sooo funny better not let Pete see it ha ha

    wish i could put it on

    I got a new phone i am still trying to figure it all out but i can go online (don't have much download! have to look into it...
    Should change my name to Confusia lol.

    Ok meid werk ze ...niet te hard he ;) geef jezelf wat Free roaming lol.

    xxxxLove ya right back xxxx

    I will try to get in on phototbucket ....
    Yea Karin Christmas is around the corner!!
    And i am not even organized at all..
    Well shopping in London sounds like fun!!:)

    Working so hard again sweetie?
    Darn that!!
    But yea it is a busy month he?
    I should not even be on here....ha ha but cant help myself..
    I am sorting my stuff out from the house,i just put it all quickly in boxes and now
    i will give most of it to the helping more room in this place!!


    well short note from moi
    See ya later dear :)
    xLove is forever x
    Hi KV. :)

    Not to bad today...
    Watched that stupid interview from Murray last night!!
    I could not believe what he was saying (and not saying?)

    I think it will always be a mystery about what happened with Michael,and that is only because with that sort of people MONEY comes first he?
    A very sad interview i cant stand Murray he behaves really weird and is only hurting Michael s children don't ya think?

    Have you seen it?

    well lets not spoil our fun he?

    Otherwise Mike will tell me off again!!
    Hmmm not that i mind ;) that..


    Hope all is well on your side sweet lady
    Sorry about venting!!!
    Doeiiiii love you XXX

    Ooops she did it again ha ha lache he?

    forgot click view conversation....

    Very nice Photochoppies!!:)girl
    Thank ya Ma'am
    Heee girl how is it going ;)

    I am trying to get the vegie patch going....but those stupido chickedee's keep making a mess!
    Think i have to make me some CHICKEN NOODLE soup ;) lol

    Loads of love from Moi...we will bump into each other soon again i hope!

    It is almost the same here. We had hurricane like weather last Monday. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner ;) I am excited :)
    No counting anymore.... we never did much else?
    relax and enjoy information more now...:)
    It is nice to see you too and i have missed you as well...
    Hope we can get on the right path again :)
    Yea i have seen that!!!what a shame he???
    you girls did good!!
    i think i had like 24.000 post that was peanuts compared to you and Lori and Wendy!!
    So it is flip fopping to you and me.... or ya can just go in view conversation and then type....o'my i am confused sorry!!
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