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  • Hi dear Karin... Yes, this seems like a wonderful Forum and I hope to be able to support the LP team in here... LOVE YOU <3
    Thanks for the rep!
    Oops sorry, i just checked the meaning of "listenable" which is "easy or pleasant to listen to". This is not what i meant. I meant listening to it is not torture but i do not find it great. Sorry my English is not perfect. :)
    Well, treasure :ciao:
    You haven't met me then. I'm different :cheeky:
    Poldersport? Never heard of it but mud :blink:
    Good for the washing machine then :D

    Have a GREAT day!

    that's sweet of you, Treasure :blush:

    Yep, I was glad it was a PC test with a search strategy :cheeky:
    I hope I 'impressed' them. Well, it's only to 'skip' a few 'majors' in the Graduate now :D
    Can't wait to go back to College now.

    Hope you have a GREAT day too :wub:

    Daryll. :D
    Hello hun! :D

    Just wanted to drop by and send some love, hope you've had a good day!

    Take Care
    Ferrari xx
    of course, Hun :angel:

    Yep, me too. I have to pop in to say Good night to Michael too :blush:
    Have a Blessed Sunday,

    In fact I sent some pictures yesterday, if you get a chance go and see them. Thanks for yet another picture of our sweet angel.

    See you later
    huuggss Karen
    Hi Karin,

    I hope so - for currently I feel like, I have lost the motivation.Therefore I mostly post in the random thread, and I do not like being a newbie either.
    Thanks for the gorgeous picture.

    Love you too, hugs Karen
    Hey Karin, sorry I missed your message. In this forum you can easily overlook that a message has arrived. I'm fine thank you for asking, but I must say I do not feel as comfortable as over in MJFC.

    Oh btw, forgot to say, you should watch James Brown perform "Please, please, please". I saw it yesterday, it's great, he looks like he's possessed when he goes "please, please, please" over and over with the cape on his back.
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