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  • No no not the only mother on mjjc lol. I've seen two other mothers here. I THINK i remember MJFC. I'm not sure. I do remember MJNO. Many people used to go there but it got closed for some reason i don't remember why. You're cute lol, you say "it's so big" like it's a house or something. :)

    I came here after MJNO closed its doors. My username here used to be Pac but i had it changed trying to make it sound funny. I regret doing it but i won't change again lol. I changed my username on maxjax as well but i don't go there anymore.

    I like other artists as well, my favourite artist is MJ but my fav song is Dream On by Aerosmith. I only listen to the live performances of this song. Steven's voice is so wild, i love it when he sings low notes. I do not listen to George Michael a lot but i respect him so much as an artist, his voice is like velvet. I also like rap, The Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, etc .....

    Have you ever been to a Michael Jackson concert ? :)
    You're ever so welcome, thank you very much for accepting it. I added you cause i saw some of posts of yours and liked 'em plus i saw in the "about" section of your profile that you're a mother. I think you're the only mother on my friend list. Nice to meet you. :)
    Sorry it's taking so long for me to reply. I'm on a lousy schedule right now, and don't have the free time I normally would to write. I have time to tweet a bit, but, I like and really need to be able to take my time with pm's and whatnot, so I'd rather wait till I have time, than just write some rushed message. Hopefully, I'll be able to reply soon.
    Much love, AJ

    aw thank you. I can understand about the heat along with not feeling well. . the heat can make me sick too hugs talk with you soon. I love you I :love: my bff forever and always :moonwalk
    yes i remember and glad she feel better. i do understand about taking a week or so to get back to normal eating. for now its mostly liquids some solid foods but not much. . I'm much better thank you <3
    i got sick this after noon. I know its from something i ate. i have slept a little and will make an early night. and sleep through the night and hope that helps i also take some medicine to help me get better. see you soon :sleep: <3 big fat hugs. forever friend xxx
    I'm good, thanks!

    Yes, I joined this forum and the late MJFC around the same time.:yes:

    I'll answer any of your questions to the best of my ability!
    I thought i would let you know cause MJJC added my profile pic. its from a few years ago but I like it. i think its the one I use before when i was here.
    Its taking me some time to get use to how thinks work here too. at least we have a place maybe not first home but more like moving in to a new home?
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