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  • haha, it's not worth the hassle. fuck it, let's just take an internet absence in protest of retards who don't need to be retarded but are, lol.
    Yes!Very interesting!:)
    I will wait for this...Will be awsome!
    Yeah exactly, I cant explain, the pictures are nice but I guess the off colouring with the fact I know hes dead gives them an eery feel when i first see them after a while its fine though. I dunno they usually startle me a bit on first viewing its odd. :lol: now I sound cookoo lol
    But the picture you have right now is really nice lol
    Did I ever mention to you that I sometimes find your signatures both disturbing and fascinating at the same time lol
    LOL! I feel ya though. :lol:

    It does look complicated. ^_^ I guess you have to really study it. :)

    I'm just now starting to get the hang of James Brown's (RIP) Camel Walk. :lol:
    "move according to feeling" ... that's going to get me no where, lol. :lol:
    I'd be too busy thinking about the dance to actually have any feeling, lol.
    You know how to do it? I still think the moonwalk / backslide / whatever you wanna call it .. is the hardest ish. I mean, the concept is easy, but that ish is hard to actually do... at least for me, lol. :bugeyed
    :lol: Now you got me setting up conversations just to tell 'em it isn't called the moonwalk.

    "What's Michael's most well-known dance?"
    "the moonwalk?
    "No, the backslide."

    hahaha, good job =P
    :hug: thank you (yes I know the thread werent created soley for me but that doesnt stop me from PRETENDING thats the reason you did it :lol:)
    Aww Kari feels special lol :p
    I think it would be good actually I dont think all the ne fans know alot about the Jackson History and music or atleast I dont lol :p
    You are like the oldest young guy lol btw I mean that in the nicest way possible. Its as if you were around from when MJ was just starting out lol.
    I think the best gift to give you ever would be a time machine, you could go back and view all the motown artists when they were at their prime and some of them ALIVE lol :p
    fresh from the Amsterdam oven:

    Liquid Spirits feat. Leon Ware - Melodies

    Mr. Leon Ware:

    » I didn’t really realize how much of a freak I was until I was in my early '30s, you know? Unfortunately, or I have to say fortunately, I understand now clearly what ’freak’ means: it’s ’free’ with a ’k’ on it. So in that light, I hope that everybody in here is proud to be as freaky as anybody would say that you are. We have some different views about that. Interestingly enough, I have listened to different records, I have even been questioned whether I was the guy that I wanted to do something freaky to you. A different thing is what does the word freaky suggests in each person? Actually, if you look at the dictionary, the word ’freak’ means somebody that’s a little bit impaired, you know, like the Elephant Man or something like that. It doesn’t mean what we have made ’freak’ out of. Which is a great way because this isn’t a connection to sex but some people would think it’s like a little bad, like they think sex is bad. But it’s not.«

    Exactly why I said the US was made for me! I like entertainment lol. But yall are exxagerated sometimes sorry. thats why I still like Britain you guys are OTT a bit man.
    Oh dont lie those 360 rotations were awful. YOU KNOW you hated it lol When I was looking at it I thought WTH I live HERE! HERE! they couldnt make it look anymore dead, dried out and boring if they tried
    Oh look, arent I a silly bunny!
    If the website works for you, hopefully your beautiful dreams of london will be crushed I MEAN magnified by the beautiful 360 tours lol
    (why do I have a vendetta against the place I live in lol)
    No dont encourage it, my family hate it! Its like this raging beast inside me thats I must fight.
    (Yes I too think I may need some sleep)
    No its not! Its bad it just means that eveyone else is yeilding to the more westernised countries. Why should people conform to us...
    Nah am joking yes it is amazing lol, no
    Yeah and everyone is starting to speak English these days. Good for me, no way I'm going to a country that doesnt speak English (unless its for work) I'm not getting lost, attacked and ordering poison for dinner :p (yes thats right I can exxagerate sometimes)
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