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  • Sounds almost like my area...........if you replace dogs with kids but it is up for debate whether the kids are actually human so calling them dogs might not be far off. I know you shouldnt insult kids but if you ever met these ones. You would say I was being toooooooo nice. seriously
    But minus the tracktors and add gunshots, no I'm joking (in a sense) and replace that with around 300-500 12-16 year old boys and dinner plates.
    Aww ok. Someone lied to you how sweet.
    What is it like where you live. I actually do want to live in the US for a while (for certain reasons). But I could never truly live there forever b/c if I decide to have kids no way do I want to bring them up there.
    So what is your impression of London exactly. Its funny I wouldnt truly like to live in the US esspecially at my age. But sometimes I think the place was kinda made for me lol. in some ways. But then again I think I'm better off were I am. I would just prefer a more interesting accent lol
    Ok thanks that was interesting. LOL awwww yeah you've definately must not have visited :p the buses suck! HARD! lol but they'll have to be my friend till I get my lessons lol.
    I have never entered a pub and I've only seen/meet like 5 celebrities some not so much celebrity lol. But I did meet that old guy once, hes royal. the old royal one married a horse...........nvm
    I dont know what you've heard about London but I think they're may be some exxagerations
    Marvin Gaye...........exile???? I need to open a book..........:( for shame
    Oh, how much have you heard, do you know like which part of london you like to live.
    Lol, well neither of them are unattractive so atleast its not an insult. No matter how different they both look lol.
    Yeah London is an alright place to live I guess lol. So i'm guessing you must have visited London before of have you just heard about it?
    Hi, I just realised you remind me of Will Smith (when he was in Fresh Prince) the crazy, lighthearted always making jokes kinda person. aka the fun one.
    hmmmmm I always thought you were from the Uk for some reason anyway...........
    I also thought you were younger. slightly.......
    You somehow disappeared from my freinds list. You still come up in one but not the other so I came to check it out. Just know I didn't deliberately delete you or anything.

    Marvin Gaye huh. I like his music but right not I have been listening to Stevie Wonder nonstop. He has his own station on AOL just like Michael.

    Awesome. I think I like the older stuff best. I don't know. Fulfillingness' First Finale is awesome but I like everything I have heard so far and just like MIchael's music the more I listen the better it gets. Michael actually sounded a lot like him especially when they were both young. I read SW's bio at it is very impressive indeed. He is playing by me in a couple of weeks and I was waiting today for my son to get back to me about going together. I am a little nervous because I want go either way and am afraid they might sell out.
    as for disc one I liked all the songs except for the first 4 , the duets were great stuff!!! probably some of my favourates

    I've also ordered the I heard it through the grapevine album (loved the song) overall its a great album, enjoyed it and I can say that I'm a fan!
    finnished disc 2, hit & miss some of it, the one that were miss could grow on me the ones I liked I could get into so far sexual healing, whats going on and mercy mercy me are the best tracks, so far I think that its been worth my money lol, next i go onto disc one!!!

    remember that time I said Stevie Wonder was better? well I'm kinda double minded about now but one thiongs for sure, Motown came out with some of the best!!!

    where are we going is another great! and I liked got to give it up but I liked the live version of Distant lover better

    p.s I know it sounds ass kissy but you really do have bleeding brilliant taste in music!!! I really have to thank you for introducing me to the music you have i really mean that man
    well "the very best of Marvin Gaye" arrived today along with the Jacksons Triumph album, listening to disc 2 at the moment!

    I'm really getting into Whats going on although I didnt care for it before, when I've finnished listening I'l tell you what I think
    hey man, thought you might be happy to know that I bought 2 Marvin Gaye Cds now I'm just waiting for them to arrive :p
    hello!! how are you? :)
    i enjoy reading your posts! XD
    thanks for adding me! take care!
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