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  • aww... please don't give up your spirit Twinkle.. I know it must be very very difficult. I read your post and it made very sad but I dont think youre crazy. You have so much passion to give. So much to fight for. And I truly believe, so much to live for as well.
    I too grow bored of our world (not earth itself) and how we made it be over long periods of time. Seems like theres no place for people like us here right? But you know what? There is. This is our home. And there will always be something worth staying alive for. Just give it time. Be one with yourself. And give it more time. I promise, everything's going to be alright soon enough. Just dont lose hope. For you are a beacon of light that may just be what the world needs today.... You may be the one to help restore a lot of whats been missing on our planet. Just give yourself time to gather your thoughts. And never give up.
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