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  • I LOVE your siggy, Twinklee. I'm gonna right click/save as right now... :cheeky:
    I was just giving you rep but hit enter a little too soon. Woopsie, lol. I'm not sure where exactly it cut off, but I was going to write *hugs* at the end of it anyway.
    Hope you're doing well. Your siggy picture is taken from a very popular and quite old Indian film. May I ask if you are from India? Hope to hear from you.
    Love and take care,
    Hi Twinklee. You're absolutely right. I'll be more careful...but, how can ANYONE like the Jackson family?

    BTW, are you brazilian? If you are, you can talk to me in portuguese.

    I can not answer your PM seems for me:
    twinklEE has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove twinklEE from the recipient list and send the message again.
    Hi twinklEE. :)
    I saw your "thumbs down" of one of my posts and just thought I would clear it up a bit. You wrote that I should speak for myself, but I dont see how I spoke for anyone else but myself? I simply reacted on someone talking about the electric chair (for murray) and it made me feel uncomfortable.
    But I appreciate your feedback, even though you did'nt like what I wrote.
    Wish you well.
    Continue the good fight.

    I am cancelling my username here...too crazy for me.

    If you need to reach me you can email me

    hey i think you misunderstood me when i said some thought the same about michael, i wasn't saying she is michael :mello: i just replied to evilman who tought janet wouldn't be on top again - same thing some people thought about michael.

    with the love :)
    I want to see This is it but I still hurt over Mj's death and I am still very angry about his death and i cannot let myself see the film cause I feel that was not how it was supposed to end. i suppose I am still in mourning.
    thank you for the rec. We definitely have a lot of common viewpoint.

    Keep it up..

    Thanx for posting the article about the racist law. Thanks to you, I posted it on another internet community I belong to. I hope as many people as possible, esp. outside MJ fan base read it.
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