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  • the hot weather suxs ..ikno .
    thats cool ,J boy .take your time with that .
    i am not on it much at the moe either .:sigh:
    in fact not spose to be online @this present time.
    ,have been recovering from being ill-,sick-:puke: , zonked-out -and jacked up ~basicaly .:lol:L
    but ..coolbeans ..deffo .
    look foward to that chat .
    cos im a wittle bit magical .:beee::lol: :flowers:
    which comment, dude ?
    im always commenting :lol:
    its a running commentry .:wild:with me eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:wild:

    hows tings J ?.
    I've been reading more threads than I normally do and even I've noticed something odd. Should be interesting. Maybe. LOL
    Thank you.
    But seriously, she hasn't spoken to me ever and she just jumped with the insults.
    I still firmly believe that Michael did not have enough people around him who loved him enough to say "What's wrong?" We all have hard times and we all make bad decisions.

    I said it truly lovingly. An example is a mother who gives her kid everything she wants risks ruining him/her but a mother who stops her child from eating too much cake and asks what's wrong is helping her child against harm.
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