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  • Hi Valery! I know Im late but I still wanted to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many many more! :D
    Hope you had a great day!

    Thanks for the wishes valery :) This---->:xmas1: was me till about 11 p.m. right before midnight mass.

    Same to you. Keep up the good work. I saw the pictures you posted in the Christmas thread. Bravi, buon lavoro.:clapping:
    Hi there. Did you request the Oprah interview with MJ's kids and Katherine in 2000 watts?
    Hi, Valery:), I´m sorry it wasn´t you with that comment, obviously I mixed it up with a message from someone else (?, maybe I find out). But I reveal what I meant: my contribution to Oct 25, a picture from an 78 photoshoot. Very hot and beautiful!!!
    Hi, Valery, thank you - I´m fine:). I admit that I´m surprised to find a message, it´s my first visitor message and I don´t know how to handle it technically:unsure: - but at first it´s nice. And your comment (which I´ve lost here anyway) to the picture of Michael in the checkered shirt, did you mean that? Yes, the shirt is okay - but the man! Or I have to say: the boy in that picture. Already very sexy.
    I probably should, meant to see it for a quite a while now. I even got an acquaintance there, although I haven't spoken with them in a long time. Not sure if it's goin' to be during my very next trip to Italy which I suspect will be elsewhere, but I'll try to visit asap. It is a glorious city full of art and history, that's for sure :)
    Hi Val, I am fine, hope you are as well. Thank you for your friend request which I have accepted.

    :hug: Karen
    The major ones have been Venice, Milan, Rome, Turin, passed by Pisa, stayed a while somewhere in Tuscany, been to Val d'Aosta as well. I'm blessed to have been able to travel there as often as I did. As I already said, awesome, awesome country. You should be very proud, as I'm sure you are :)
    Not just liked it, loved it. A chunck of my soul probably resides there :lol: cheers
    I'm from NaughtyLand :p However, my place of origin and current residence is somewhere in Eastern Europe. Yes, I've been to Italy many times. Love it tremendously. Haven't been there since 2014 and I miss it. Remains to be seen when I'll go there again.
    I'm doin' ok, keepin' busy :) Glad to know you enjoyed the picture. Stami are from Italy, aren't you? Looooooove your country btw - the language, the culture, nature, cucina, you guys have amazing heritage :D Enjoy it!
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