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  • Sure, I am a bit busy right now- year end is a stressful period at office and I am also preparing for my DEC exams...let me know. Take care
    Btw Going into town to see TII for the last time wanna join at Event, George St on Saturday or Sunday?
    Hey there, how are ya? How's work? Going well here. Loving my job so far! I get to take piccy's all day and get paid... what could be better??? :D Now that I'm earning money, at some point, we've got to try to meet up in Sydney again :) We always have such fun in the city.
    Ya they are really coming out now! It was SO huge... I put a pic on facebook and all my family is freaking out over it :p
    Hey you. You totally have to stop in the Aussie's get in here.. thread. I ran into my first Huntsman today and OMFG it was very very.... LARGE. :mello:
    i see. right now i have several candles going on in my house.... it's just too shocking all this....
    hey! wud you be kind to vote/rate me in a competition iv entered. its called miss yamaha 2009 and you get to be umbrella grl for world super you probs dont know im a masive motorcycle fan and i go to the races every year and also ride myself. i would be greatful if you cud help out.. heres the link ... thank you x and spread the word xx
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