I'm a California girl, born and raised in and out of Indio-- the Palm Springs area...

I've been told, i'm eclectic... My taste in music, I love all music accept death metal music, screaming lyrics-- I don’t get!

To be totally honest, I've been a Michael Jackson Fan since I can really remember. My earliest Memory of Michael is the late 80s when dad was watching "Ed Sullivan" Reruns and seeing the Jackson 5 perform, I remember The big purple hat Michael wore, the biggest smile as he sang "Who's Loving You"...

I was about 5 years old then... I'm about to be 35 now...

Michael is gone nearly 8 years now, and for me, Its about Remembering an Legendary ICON for the unbelievable Legacy of Music, Dance & Film, he has left behind! Michael, was and will always be a youthful spirit, a burst of energy that swept fans like me off their feet... I will always think of him & remember him in that way!

I Love you, Michael! 💋

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