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  • Hi,

    you have posted extracts from Aphrodite Jones in a thread called "ask me how I know" could you please repost it. I was searching around and I think your thread is gone.

    Thank you
    Welcome back, i guess you have no idea who am I, it doesnt matter, I was kicked out before only cause I said a bad word, i guess the person didnt liked me, daphnieas i think was her name, anyway I desappear for a long time, but was a lurker anyway, always admired your posts, after Michael died came back, glad you are back again. And as I always said Michael LIVES ON. Goodbye and goodluck.
    Hey Nicole, just wanted to check on you. We haven't seen you around here in a while. I hope you're doing ok
    Hey, girl.. Been holding off checking up on you since the events of June 25. I saw your thread and all. We've always discussed our observations on Michael's talent but I never imagined that we'd talk about his passing, so I made sure that we don't.. until today. Did you have support systems around you, how are you now? On the nite I heard and through out the rest of the day I started to fear for my own life as my heart was LITERALLY painful from shock. Fortuntely the physical pain went away but emotionally for 3 weeks I was a wreck, I wasn't even eating or sleeping right! Never have I been so passionless. I've been making alot of progress though in the last couple of weeks, I refuse to let Michael be a source of sadness!
    I dunno why u dont have pm off but what can I say, I'm just very sorry michael jacksons greatness will last for a long time.... and thats an understatement
    Hi, I'm new here and I just wanted to say I read your amazing post. (I commented in the thread). It's so perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us; I know it expresses how so many of us feel, and we too, hope that Michael gets the recognition, love and peace that he so deserves.
    I hope you're keeping well.
    Umm, hello, i have been a member before, something went wrong, and i wasnt allowed anymore, i regret what i did, but i adore this site, i have tried to comeback and i did. My point for writing to u is: i have always read your posts about Michael and his abbillities, i have seen passion on your write, when Michael died everyone i knew said that they first remember me and that they felt bad, that is exactly what happened to me, but i remembered you, when he died i thought of you, how are you? is not easy what happened, i got depressed for 3 weeks and i still in pain, but i dont show it, i just want to know how are you, can u please say to me if you are ok? Please tell me, how are you doing?
    Hey, I've messaged you before, but I just wanted to reiterate how much I admire your posts and your blog. I hope you're doing well - that is, as well as can be expected at this time :( - and that maybe I'll see more posts from you in the near future :).
    Please enable your PM function.

    Note that another thread has been merged to yours named -Brooke Shields Speech-, it has stayed on the Funeral and Memorial section.
    Would you be willing to be involved in the Invincible Magazine? It's posted in the General Discussion. I have revived it and it will be set as a Tribute mag. If you can, PM me back and we will talk more.
    long time no chat. After recent news I was worried about u!

    I hope u are holding up ok. I've been MIA from the Mj community for a while cuz of college and work and stuff.

    But I heard u were on mod que, what happened? Its too bad I cant hear from u :(

    Stay strong.
    Oh, Nicole...wanted to reply earlier, as I didn't know about the mod issue...but didn't have the strength...and now I think someone else must be typing, as I don't even know who I am anymore...How are you?...What are we going to do without this creature, Nicole?...What will happen to everything?...I'm afraid to shut down the PC and listen to the hollow sound of dead quiet..I've turned it back on as I couldn't handle it...Why now?...when he was said to ahve been 'happier than ever'?...Just a million times why....Will now finally get his peace?...looking down to the children in absence of him?...He never had full peace, never...he has to have it now..the only thing helping would be if he comes back or if he's happy now up finally...happier than ever finally...or someday..I don't know how I'm going to cope, and from the distance.
    Alright girl, I hope you sort out your issue with the mods real soon. As you can see by the response to my thread, you are missed. See you around, girl! THIS IS IT!!!
    My stupid self responded to your msg on my own profile. Too lazy to retype, just go to my profile.
    girl i been fine. z was sick w/ pnemonia for two wks tho but he's better now. lemme contact shan and see what i can do. i didn't know it was perm mod que..hmmmmm lol
    *JUMPS AROUND ALL OVER THE ROOM!!!!* Hey!!! How have you been? Whats this perminent mod que? Its so good to hear from you. Did you get tickets!?
    oi oi, long time since i've seen your wise self around these parts. hope you're doing good.
    hey Nic, haven't been seeing much of you lately in the midst of this euphoric chaos.

    anyway i recently came across a 1989 article on Quincy, and found the author's take on Off The Wall pretty interesting, you might like the rhetoric used:

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