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  • Thanks :) I think Heath's performance is the best piece of acting I have ever seen, it was truly brilliant.
    Do you remember what my previous username was? ;)
    You know what. I have come to a dire conclusion. A simple one, thats manifested over the course of time.. and well, its conclusion? I... Am... Crazy...
    Hey There *waves*..... I was looking around for a new signature.... When suddently i saw this GIF : ..... O_O.. and i thought of you... I felt the uncurbed desire to...... to...... GIVE YOU A BIG SPANK..... HAHAH.... ROFLLLLLL [img].... Come here ITCHY BOY.... LOL... LET ME TRYYYYYY.... HAHA... *Hysterical laugh* [img]....

    SEE YOU AROUND... [img]
    OMG!!! You made my day with such great and :naughty: presents *leaves for a quick cold shower* :heat:


    Thanks so much my dear friend!!!!! So nice to have you around! :hug:

    Hope to see you soon! :hug:
    :dont_mention_it: I wanted to send you all a piece of cake... since today it's my birthday.... :cheers: but this is all I can do!!!!

    I want to share it with my friends! :D

    And forget about this!!! :nono:

    Hello there Whisper,

    just a short hello. Now my work and freetime stress keeps me busy so I am rarely here. Whats about the ninja status?:lol:
    Hope you're well and you're toothache has gone.:)I think I'll see you whispering around and confusing the ppl.:lol: Perhaps we'll catche us at the weekend. cu
    Hello Whisper! :waving:
    I never asked you in which time zone you live so I'm not sure what time of the day it's by you now :lol:
    But I wish you a great day! Hope you have fun!

    See ya! :hug:
    Hey I wondered what happened to you! For a fleeting moment I was scared that I had offended you somehow and caused you to stay away from me, typical thought pattern for me I think haha! I hope I was an interesting partner in conversation, my brain has been a little mushy lately due to being sick and well, to be honest, not being stimulated enough! Anyway, I hope we can chat again sometime. :)

    Oh don't worry, sometimes the most brilliant thoughts come at 3am in the morning haha! That's just the way it goes! Hope you're well and the weather is better than it is here, it's freezing cold and raining!
    Hi Mr. Wisper,:lol:

    where are you. I am missing you and your humour here whispering around.I still have no MSN.[IMG]

    Hey Boy... Its been long time i havent see you around here... O_O ... dont be so STAR.... No one wants to stare at your eyes.. LMAOO.. haha.. Well.. Whiper. .... speak it loud.. bc i cant hear you... haha.. hope to talk you soon! Hugs

    Thank you very much for the chat, I enjoyed it a lot! I hope I could keep up with you in all the things you were saying, I was a bit overwhelmed by how much you knew and I felt like I had nothing intelligent to contribute haha!

    :sleep: You had your sushi party without me! You came here and didn't say :hi: [IMG]

    Et tu, Brute???????
    Haha I'm well, thank you!

    Maybe its just your insane sense of humour I've seen in some of those threads, you and Fondou (did I spell it right?) are like wildfire hahaha! Its never a bad thing to be familar, I think! :D
    *smiles* heyyy heyy!
    I just wrote a short message :giggle: awww and thank you for your forgiveness :) ohhh it's a deal!! I've some yummy sweets here only for you! and really wanna share with them! :dribble: sorry I don't drink milk :puke: but I've an yoghurt, is that okay? :lol: :D

    I added you to my contacts ;) so now looking forward for a little talk there :shifty: :D

    Awww! don't mention new layout and new look of the MJJC forum... it sucks :lol: hahaha I DON'T LIKE ITTTTT :p lalalala :girl_whistle: I had to change it fo 'Dark Child' (BTW cool name :lmao:) it's all in black now :eek: only in that way I can see something here :swoon: it was too white for me :lol:

    Much L.O.V.E.:heart: See you around! :)
    My beloved friend! :girl_aww: :hug:

    I promise I'll write you my VM and reply for your PM when I'll come back here later okay? :hug: Sorry for delay :hug: don't b mad :lol:

    Now I gotta go! :shifty: but later... :shifty: haha!

    Take care Sweetie! And ofc add me to your msn contacts! :wild: I'd be veryyyyy happy :girl_happy:

    Many hugs :hug: *smiles* :)
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