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  • now ,thats just naughty to want to add to it :wild:
    and now you just told me "ya like a vamp"

    and what with all the forum changes all dark n sh*t

    immmmmmmmmmma blooody explode!!!!:wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild::wild:!!!!!!!


    good night or day to you mr vamp *pokes*-smiles*pokes*
    waving -
    Peekaboo! :woohoo: I know you're there! :D

    Aww! Here you are!

    :nono: I want you to smile

    :nono: No nasty attitudes... this is the attitude I wanna see!

    And of course... you are always welcome on board :shifty:


    And remember... anyone with a problem about our provenance [IMG]

    you have to repeat this... Yippee-ki-yay! and [IMG]

    Big :hug: and big :D
    heya :wild:
    yeah im alright tar, lol . .oh your bored
    aw ...yeah i get like that . im always online when no other bugger is !, ROTFL
    sweet dreams when you sleep . count sheeps ,i throw them about :wild:
    that :wild: smiley has a influence on meeeeeeeeeeee
    ah , missed you round here whisper hun ,gonna be stayin ?
    oh really? :D

    ic :lol: You have BAD eyes :naughty: :D

    Im off, dont be a ghost again :bye:

    Whatever you do im wishing you sweet dreams :toofunny:
    :lol: how would you know? you couldnt recognize me :lol:

    :scare: :D are u an impersonator? :p
    *looking around* Check yours! :shifty:

    :blink: Should I stop posting my gifs???? I don't want you to pass out so soon!!! Not till I get to know you a little better :giggle:
    Joking.... of course...
    hahaha! yeah! i just noticed that too! 2011!! :punk:
    awkkk..thats sooo lovely!
    well you better stay around :naughty: :lmao:
    Oh, your moving! Good luck with that!
    I moved a quite few times till now in my short life, so I started to hate it! -_-
    But I hope you have fun! ;)
    awww :wub:
    i missed you....I think it was you who was missing lol as i havent seen you around in donkeys!! :flowers:
    :shifty: Yep... you can show your true self!!! *giggles and laughs incontrolably*

    Hey guy! This is karate, real one, not a knitting class! So.... are you ready? *chuckles* I said.... are you ready?

    Morning, yes MJJC is sometimes quiet...sometimes it is boring. Much ppl are at other times on than me, because I have to work all the day.
    :lol:I would help you - although I don't like to packing up - but I guess you are living on an other continent.:lol:
    Hi-yah!!! *karate-chops the tops off three beer bottles* Waiting for you my dear!! :shifty:

    Don't worry... your secret is safe with us! Need help against detergent? :ninja: *makes circular gestures with each hand*

    Just give me a call and I'll be there for you! :D

    *walks away, still making circular motions with hands*
    :wild: Hi Whisper, I am tired but fine.:) How are you? ... I have so much fun too while posting with you.:lol: Yes, Fondero has always nice special gifs and animations while she is on her business in the night.:lol:you bought a new house? How exiting. I hope you'll enjoy it.
    :woohoo: Itchy boy! You've been missed here! I hope you keep being around! Or..... *crazy laughter* :lmao:

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