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  • Helloo hellooo.. omg tell me your name cuz I feel really weird that you know mine and I don't know yours :giggle: :flowers:
    :hug: I feel just GREAT! Spring has a good influence on me! :jump: I'm smiling to myself now :lol:

    And plus...I'm going to the theatre today! I'm so excited! I hardly remember when was the last time I saw a good play :) we've great seats in 3 row :shifty: But I'll be here tonight for sure! :naughty:

    I always try my best to make ppl smile :sun: :hug: so you just had to be 'infected' :giggle:

    Have a sunny and wonderful Sunday my friend! :)

    PS. thank you for the rep :hug: :flowers:
    hehe not that 'little' I'm kinda tall ;) :D
    Greaaat! Couldn't be better! :wild: :girl_happy:

    Check your User CP :shifty: :hug:
    Aww! Enjoy the day with your two ladies... Sure they're fantastic and love you so much!! Hope to see you soon! :hug:

    Hope you're ok after being MIA! :lol: Yeah! We had a great time here on Saturday night (our night)! A pity you couldn't be! Have a happy Valentine's day or not! As you prefer! :lol:

    Miss you! :friends:

    But... don't you dare to get near my car... :nono:

    (it's not a Toyota :beee: it's a Chevy.... exactly the one I posted :pleased: well 3 doors version :lol:)

    *crazier laughter*

    Can't see your pics! Where the hell are you getting them? :lmao:

    Maybe you should consider moving to a new house :girl_whistle:
    Thank you 4 the friend invite, crazy friend! i accepted on one condition: stay out of my thread :queen:

    I know ur jealous :D

    Thanks for the nice pic mate :ninja: You know I need two alarm clocks to wake up! :lmao:
    hiya whisper
    yeah its lovely :thumbs_up: .theres loads of the forums out there , ive just always seem to go for this one . i think cos mjjc iz most popuar and its widely known .
    oh you do it by the cellphone thingy ?cooool :lol: ah i have my trusty (old) laptop :lol: yeah -im alright ,
    oh no, i dont wanna answer that truthfully, lol:lol: im not alright actually lol .but you kno, such is life .:better:
    ah you like em too ? aw ,cheers mate, yeah i just do a cool google and whatever urber cooleness i see ,put on the profile:wild: .want any images ? i dont mind to share .x
    :waving: aw ty ! we are all nice up in here .
    yep deffo ,
    its a big family ..this forum is the best out there , i would say .
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