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  • aww.hello mate ,very welcome.:yes: ty for accepting :huggy:

    welome to this place . your gonna love it .
    1:25 am.... time to sleep... *Who disturbs my slumber?*

    Hope to see you tomorrow! :hug:
    alright twister (my new nickname for you :fish:) Ima hit the hay :D I'm kinda sleepy believe it or not...anyway I have a strong feeling I'll wake up around 1 am and go on msn :lol:

    I guess I'll see you later :friends:

    You found out my secret! You have to be exterminated :ninja:

    no :( I was quite little and I don't even remember much :p my parents are both Romanian :p I wanna go back :girl_tantrum:

    beautiful to visit, shitty to live in :D
    you like complicated words :stars:

    I live in Romania but I was also born in the US :p
    erm...can you please speak English? :lmao: what does enticingly mean? :lol:

    where are you from anyway? (you better be honest :hungry:)
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :pray: What's that word? What do I have to do? :shifty:
    Hi :ciao:

    :lol: don't steal my line :nono: or else Ima eatchu :hungry:
    Hi my itchy friend! :hi: Aww... you are so sensitive! :giggle: I'm tired and it's only Tuesday :eek: I wanna be rich and stay at home all day long :girl_tantrum: *runs to buy a lottery ticket*

    Take care hun! :hug:
    This :crazy: Culo is going to bed now! Tomorrow I have to work :rant: Good night Itchy boy! :naughty:
    Allergic to your detergent! :lmao: You're really :crazy: I think you fit in RT very well! :lol:
    Good night dear! I'm :yawn: Hope to see you soon! :friends:

    *leaves the forum... lights fade*
    :) it's very nice and I'm so thankful for meeting them :D

    hehe not even highschool :p I'm 8th grade now so I'll only be a highschooler starting in September :D school is ok, finally the term is over...and I'm very pleased with my results :D
    :giggle: everyone says that "aww so you are related" hehe...truth is that she's my MJ tia :p we have our little MJ family and even though we're not really related we truly love each other :p and ofc we have a lot of fun :naughty:

    I'm fine thank you, I'm glad school is out :D

    it's evening :p

    yes, she's my tia, which is the Spanish word for aunt :p

    nice meeting you too :)
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