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  • :birthday:

    I am so glad to have met you here! You are a sweetheart! I hope you had a wonderful day & that all of your birthday wishes come true!

    Hugs & much Love :heart:
    Hi sweetie, thank you for your support, means a lot to me. :hug:
    Many hugs and lots of love for you my dear friend. Love always, Fran.
    Hi, thanks for your friendship request. :hug: And thank you so much for your kind words.. means a lot to me.

    Much love to you. See you later.....

    ach echt??? das is ja cool =)
    das können wir machen....fällt mir wesendlich leichter als
    englisch,sin zwar genau so viele fehler drinn aber naja :lmao:
    du bist sicherlich schon lange MJ fan oder???
    hast du ihn schon mal live gesehen???
    heyyyyyyyyyyyy, how are ya....hope you´re fine
    cause I am :lol:
    have to say good night now cause in germany it´s already late bye bye
    would be nice if you write back :hug: :ciao: Jess =)
    Ah you don't have a badge yet :p Okay, there is a section on the board, the help and info section... go in there. There's a thread called something like request member badge. Make a post in there that you would like your blue badge. Might take a few hours but you'll get one. Hope this helps ;)
    Thanks for accepting..
    welcome back :hug:
    Hi whosbad! I gotta know that you've already had "King Of Pop" Book, so would you mind giving me some infomation about it, such as: how much does it cost? Is it available in Germany? How many pages r there? and what is the book written about?
    Thank you so much!
    no I dont have it, the best person to ask would be Marni on max jax as she has a ahuge book collection and might know more about it
    Hey I am sorry that I didnt write back i had some things to do and when I was online then only short ofcourse we will stay in contact ;)
    Great I am 23 years now and Im working in a Old peoples Home at the time and ofcourse we can stay in conntact nice to be your friend peace :)
    I have been a Fan since I was 2 years Old and I will be forever Michael Fan because he means everything in my live .
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