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  • I'm in Neuroscience And Psych (Double maj), how about you? If you ever are in the library pop by and say hi, lol, I'm going to be here every day 'till mid august. lol.
    Same Here! I'm in UTSC posting right now, in the library wearing an MJ sweater for today's anniversary. I'm taking the MCAT prep course right now, no courses 'till Sept, then I'll be starting 4th year. Wow small world never thought I'd see someone from UTSC on here :)
    Do you go to school around here? I'm at U of T, would be cool to know there's more of our kind aroud. lol.
    Hey, clicked your profile by mistake and saw you were from Toronto! Nice to see another Torontonian on here, lol. Don't run into many big MJ fans around here!
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