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  • thank you. I am a "quitter" because I just don't like hard work in general I guess- but I need this so I am going to stay motivated. I guess one thing that might motivate me is WWMS - what'd michael say to me? LOL .. sounds ridiculous
    I have been approached by several modeling agencies. I wish I did do it though... i'm going to uv of phoenix ; classes start this month.
    Lol good metaphor. Whoops.. well maybe he doesn't know... I don't know either. :/

    I have msn buuuuuuuut I hardly go on it but I'll give it you anyhow (via PM)

    Send me your facebook again dude! :) x
    awwww you are so sweet!! yes it was due thursday so i dont find out the grade until tuesday. it was an 8 page short story, and of course there was MJ influence in it ! haha!! gotta love him. Thanks so much for checking on it :) i will definitely let you know about the grade, good or bad :p
    Hey, I'm ok thanks :) I applied for 3 more jobs today. Yay well done to you for getting one!

    Eep, the nightmare sounds quite freaky and sad! I wonder if it means something.. I try to interpret my dreams sometimes. Sometimes they are just strange though like trying to run away from something but you just can't move :/. I dream about MJ too sometimes, haven't done for a while though :(

    No problem about me writing you a PM, I care! You can take your time to reply. I'm just sorry there was a mix up and it took so long to get it to you.

    How are you today?
    haha well that would probably be the wise thing to do :D i did apply to a college (designing & tourism) but i really don't know if that's what i want to do.. seems like there is no such profession that i'd really love lol
    i think uni would be too much studying with books, i like more practice so college would probably be more my thing
    i'm very rarely sick too, usually just once a year if even that so hopefully this goes away soon. it has been around in my family lately.

    yes we came back in thursday - just in time before the airports were closed because of the ash.. it was my first time in france so i didn't notice any difference in the accent really :D but the people talk so fast it's much easier to understand from written text for me anyway. where in france do you live? and yeah i loved nice, was there with my parents but i want to go back without them someday :D i'm kinda bored to travel with them already hehe..

    oh i'm still wondering what i'm going to do after high school, i'd like to study languages too but i think university isn't the right place for me. i hope you make the right decision, good luck!
    btw you can call me hanna, that's my name :)
    I haven't sent it? I thought I had. I wrote a reply, I thought I sent it.. so you don't want me to send it now/again?x
    Pac could you do it the subtitles form French to English some French document or interview with Michael? and send me ?
    Oooh i see... lol dw its always good to chat to new people :) i am studying sport and exercise science its pretty good but getting harder as each week goes by ha! What are you going to be studying?
    Ohh noo well i hope you feel better soon :) yeah best not go into details if its that bad lol. Ah not good what sorta job you searching for? Hope you find something sooon :)
    Awh thank you :hug: what you said was lovely. I'm just trying to take my mind off it at the moment. I still need to reply to you.. oh dear its taken a while now, sorry about that. Oh and thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it.. there is lots of footage I haven't seen yet so if you spot anything else good let me know. I want a clip of his best performance on any tour..but thats hard to ask for I guess because everyone will have a different opinion.
    Thank you for the love.. well.. my grandad is 90 and he had a fall again, and there was nobody to lift him back up.. we happened to visit him and found him lying on the floor and he didn't know how long he'd been there, he's been in hospital before as he broke his hand and its just shaken him up again, he's old and frail and I'm worried that he won't be around much longer after this :( we've had to look after him more and my mum is worried about him.

    Also, very sad and shocking - the little boy of someone my mum knows has died.. he was 2 years old, he was run over by a car...very very tragic and sad.
    nice to meet you too pac,i knew you didn,t know my name,it was just funny when i entered the hoax thread and you posted my name,take care,
    o no prob!! actually after u asked if u could add me , i went through my friends looking for u cuz i was sure u were my friend, when i didnt find u i was like thats weird. lol!! i guess now its "official" :p have a great weekend :) im celebrating my 20th bday this weekend yaaaaay!!
    Thanks for the message I don't know it wasn't really breaking news to me.
    I mean you can turn anything into a clue that way....
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