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  • Hi again.. :hi:
    Cool..I'm glad that you understand where I am coming from. :)
    :cheeky: actually,I do live on the east coast,sometimes I stay up late,depending on if I work earlier or not and I'm off today. Thanks for the link! I love MJ video clips. :D
    I have seen that one before. The whole rehearsal of Dangerous was online,I don't know if it still is complete,there used to be every song on YT. I still watched it though because I've not seen it in awhile,ty. :flowers:
    Wishing you all the best*
    Your welcome.
    Yes I am dreamer but more a visionary. I do like escapism ,but in an art form - Which life is art to me. I knew from a young age that I was an artist. An artist by birth. I don't mean that vainly but it really is how it is for me. I studied alot of different mediums from graphic design to 18th century paintings to poetry & writing. Although I believe art is truley something that you really do not learn the true essence in any school,but inside of you. what you can learn at school is the formal principles & aesthetics of each art form. I appreciate all art forms. :D I hope that didn't come off too philosophical or deep.. I tend to be a deep thinker. but I love to laugh and make other laugh as well :lol:
    I hope you've had a nice night as well. :flowers:
    this version I think that you can tell that Michael is really singing. I agree with Rockin.
    Thanks again for the linkage :D :cheeky:
    Thanks for the link :)
    I made up my username because I *feel* soul. soul can be looked at on many different levels in meanings. And I see all of that. I also am a dreamer. So soul dreamer the 7 comes from one of my lucky numbers. I guess you could say.. dreaming with soul or a dreamer with intense feeling.
    Hope that sort of gives you some insight.
    What performance are you guys talking about? I'm soo bored.. Today seems like a Sunday to me..I hope that your having a better day.
    Well I have some student loan left over in my bank and some savings. I don't spend too much money myself, and I moved back home after university so I don't have rent/food/bills etc. to pay for. I'd like to move out to my own place though but for that I need money!

    Thanks for the link, ohhh that performance was good, he's just magic. He was definitely singing live, maybe he had some playback too towards the end but the beginning, maybe the first verse and chorus was just him. I have no idea about beat it munich from dangerous tour sorry.. if its not on youtube I guess it doesn't exist :/
    Nice to hear from you :) Oohh do you have the link to the performance? Yehh I'm ok, getting sleepy now though, think I might go to bed earlier tonight. Good luck with finding a job next week. In June I'll have been unemployed for a year! I'm not trying hard to find one really :/
    I really don't know what to think about the orange pants MJ.
    But she's also suggesting that with Human Nature an imitator is used too and I certainly don't think that's true.
    Hey, I'm alright thank you.. I've been out this afternoon so haven't had a chance to write back but I will soon :). Hmm thanks I'll check out the video. How are you?
    Download Adobe Photoshop CS4.

    You can download the French version if you want, shouldn't make any difference.

    Watch this tutorial.

    Note that to import a video into Photoshop it must be MP4 format, YouTube downloader is great as it can download videos from YouTube in MP4 format by default, AND convert basically any other video into MP4, even if you didn't download it from YouTube.
    Do you want high quality gifs or are you not bothered?

    If you want high quality, download Adobe Photoshop...you have pay but there IS a free trial that lasts for 30 days. You might be able to download it again after those 30 days but I'm not sure.

    If you want the easy way, go to gifsoup.com and make an account. The website is currently not working, however.

    Tell me which you'd rather use and I'll give you further instructions.
    Hummmm I don't know about gifs... Giant Enemy Cat does though, if you ask him I'm sure he'll be happy to tell you. Tomorrow you will get another PM. Be safe. x :heart:
    Hi, I'm alright thanks.. just bored. I live basically in the middle of a field, theres not a whole lot to do. How are you today? I'll get reading & replying soon. Hows your weekend been so far?.. mine = boring... but then I have you guys and it makes it better :)
    I'm glad you get where I'm coming from. :D The study of law sounds very interesting to me. I wish you luck with your plans. :)
    I graduated from Marshall University. I love The Arts.

    I hope to hear back from you soon*
    ohh I am a having pretty 'boring' weekend myself to be honest.. Sometimes life can be kind of frustrating,you know how I mean? :wub:
    Your welcome..It was better to add you as a friend either way because I couldn't find the 'reset' for my profile to make it public from 'friends-only' :cheeky:
    Working on your resume eh?.. You have a job in mind?
    Ohh I am a Legacy Project member here at MJJC. Notice my name is in green..I have certain threads and projects to keep up to date etc. here so that's one reason I have alot of posts. I do sleep when I can..:lol:
    Thank you :heart:

    I'm holding up alright I guess. Hope you're ok?

    Hmm that girl was threatened/hacked? ... :/

    You'll need to check your mail tomorrow :D

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

    I'll let you have my email addy that links with my FB! :)
    But in PM of course! For your eyes only! lol :)
    I've not been on it that much though as having to keep my love for MJ a bit under wraps on there as I'm being talked about as being obsessed with MJ! Me? Obsessed with MJ? LOL :)
    Hey! ;)
    Sorry, I haven't been online for a long, long time, lately. You can send me the video or link to the video of the ape, that's doing something against somebody, it is no problem!
    About the other thing with your sister - I'm sorry, I really don't have a clue where you could look to try to find her...!
    Have a nice time, cya soon, bye! ;)
    i think i got mine like the next day after i sent the email. just make sure that you sent it to the correct email address. and if you dont get an email back by tomorrow you should probably PM Gaz!!
    Hmm, I'm not too sure I'm afraid, as it's different in the UK. If I find anything that will help you I'll let you know. :) I wish you the best of luck. :flowers: Sorry I couldn't be of much help. :(

    Take care. :)
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