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  • :lol: You silly!

    But yeah, I got stuff I can do. But sometimes, that's just the way it is. *shrug*
    Yeah, I am ok, thanks for asking. Everything's cool around here. Hope you're also ok.
    OMG Wordy. You are being way too sensitive. Why would I do that? I would just not answer you.
    I wish you really knew me. Then you'd know I would not be that rude....unless it's provoked. And that is not the case with you.
    I was merely trying to get my current mood across in a post. I was bored, tired, restless lonely and broke.
    Nothing to do with you my Love. But I guess I should stop it. Seems I'm no good at it.

    See ya later Word Smith Sr.
    No need whatsoever to thank me. It's from the heart. The victims and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. I've only been to Paris twice and the last time was some years ago. It truly is a magnificent city. I hope both locals and tourists will be able to enjoy yet again its light and vivacity. Other than sending out love and prayers I think another way people can help is by simply living their lives. Fear, paranoia and xenophobia is exactly what the masterminds behind these heinous actions seek. We cannot let them win.

    Thanks for your question. I've had better times. One of my uncles passed away in Germany due to cancer. I pray the Lord will have mercy on His soul and give strength to my aunt and everyone else.

    You take care and enjoy the lovely country which is France :)
    Sounds like a good idea. I wish you good luck. Oh, I'm doing good. Thanks for asking. Have a great week. :)
    I have more to answer that question but I should wait til I'm not so sleepy and tired. Talk soon.
    I'm still doing OK thanks. :) I saw your shout out in the chat box and gave you one back. Hee hee! :D
    Yes Wordy....I knew it was your birthday and wanted to wish you well. :happy:
    As for that "Goat's age" thing, that's just something I made up. I tend to do that sometimes. Lol!
    Have a great day Love. The U.S is about to celebrate Independence day on the 4th!
    Which means a couple days off work for me. :D
    ....He said 6 months later. :ermm:

    :lol: Hi there! I'm good, thanks! Haven't seen you in a goats age. How are you?
    :ciao: Hey, Word! I can't wait for this season to be OVER. I don't celebrate it anymore, really. I've been working long hours, barely getting in me time in, much less time with my furry kids (2 cats and caring for some ferals). I hope all is well with you. :)
    Hey, Word! Maybe I need to clear out my PM box, not you? I hope the holiday season (especially the shopping) is going smoothly for you. The madness of Black Friday has reached overseas, which surprised me, lol! I thought it was strictly an American thing. . . :lmao:
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