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  • Hahaha! You're dirty too then . Lol! I knew EXACTLY what you meant tho. Lol!

    Nah, I don't indulge in cannabis. Maybe an occasional white wine. Not even occasional really.
    I' m boring. Lol! That's it! :wild: I can bore myself to sleep! :lol:
    Yaya De Costa is an up and coming young actress. She started out on Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model". She's very pretty. :)
    Yeah that might work if I had that right someone. Lol! :p

    And just for the record, it's not that I'm "very religious" , I just want to learn all I
    can while I can about our Creator and Savour.

    Some nights are worst than others but I'll be OK I suppose.

    Thanks again!

    Oh yeah, you used to call me Yaya, remember. ;)
    We can't keep him because he is VERY hyper active. Play fighting and biting is his favorite game. He is too crazy sometimes; he runs around like there's a fire (knocking things over). My little sister hates him - sometimes he playfully attacks her legs when she's wearing a skirt so she's afraid if him. That's a good thing for me because when she doesn't listen to me, I tell her that I'll let the cat loose (I usually don't let him out of my room because of my family) and it works haha.

    You know, I've had him for two days now, and I have not heard him calmly purr yet lol Every time I want to massage his neck and calm him down, he turns around, grabs my hand, and nibbles on it lol What cat does not want a neck massage?! haha He's such a wild child. I really like him though, he doesn't deliberately hurt anyone.
    Yeah that's very true, cats tend to be very moody. We're actually fostering a cat right now for a few days; this cat however is VERY playful lol He is really hyper active, probably because he is not neutered yet. I don't like cats that much, but this guy is kinda cute - very naughty and curious - everything much be touched, smelled and played with lol He is also very social and doesn't like to be left alone. I guess I'll miss him once he's gone. I just hope we find him a nice loving home.
    Hmmm, OK. I'll have to process that in my mind.
    As for the olfactory, I have used Lavender scented room fragrance,
    and it's not my most favorite scent. Did it help? I really don't know. Maybe.

    Thanks for the info Love. :) Have a great day.
    haha that was cute! I love dogs :) They're the best pets in my opinion. A couple of months back I bought a guinea pig and eventually I passed it on to my aunt's kids. I honestly didn't like having it as a pet, it was so scared and so defensive all the time - it annoyed me. Next time if I do decide to get a pet, it will be a cute little male pug. ^.^
    Hi Wordy. No I have never heard of AMSR. Is it some kind of sleep therapy ?
    Sounds interesting.

    Hope you are having a very nice weekend as well. Hee hee!
    Well maybe. But I dont blame you. I get emotional where MJ is involved anyway. Happy and sad.
    Thanks Wordy. Yeah, I feel better. TY.

    That song is dam good! If the music and beat is banging first, I can get into it. I heard most of the lyrics, but had to listen again to hear the full message. I agree with one of the YT posters who said something about a little more femininity would be good. They got the look and I don't mind the rough edges, but they are females so she need to display that a little more.
    Hey, I received your private messages; I had forgotten about them lol I shall be replying to them soon. No, I don't watch that show. By the way, after hearing a lot of good things about the show "breaking bad" I'm willing to give it a shot. My friends are after my life again lol let's hope it won't turn out to be a disappointment like Game Of Thrones. The main reason I don't like watching TV shows is because I'm a very impatient person. I would hate waiting every week to know what happens next. That is why I prefer movies and shows which don't have a story line.
    hahaha it's alright. I must say though, the video made me chuckle when they randomly kept focusing on a dog lol For a second I thought, "what has a dog got to do with the song?" and then it hit me, Snoop Dogg hahaha
    Does he really refer to himself as "Snoop Lion" now? I think it's funny....why lion? could be "wolf" considering how the wolf and the dog share a common ancestor... don't mind me, I'm just thinking aloud lol
    I listened to that Snoop Dogg song you posed on my page. Well, I guess I would give it a rating of 4/10. Sorry, I actually like some of his songs, this one didn't really do it for me. One of my favorite songs of his is called "The Next Episode" I like his flow in that song and the beat is good too.
    I'll let you know what I think of the song you posted on my page. Oh have you listened to Eminem's new song Headlights?? AMAZING song (It's a sequel to Cleaning Out My Closet) you should give it a listen; it is very meaningful.

    haha thanks, my name is so random. While I was making an account here, my mind was so blank - I couldn't think of a username. So I looked around, saw my little sister eating cotton candy and voila! A username is born :p (although her cotton candy was colored blue lol)
    Oh, thanks for the link. I'll check the song out. Well, as you know, I'm a huge fan of poetry and rap music is basically poetry in style. Therefore, unless the song is very meaningful and has killer style, it's not considered a good rap song by me. Lil' Wayne and Nicki may have gotten the style aspect going in their songs, but the lyrics of their songs are shit! The lyrics are so dumb that when you pay attention to them, you're going to cringe! lol For example:
    "get it cracking like a bad back.
    Bitch talking she the queen, when she looking like a lab rat
    I'm Angelina, you Jennifer
    Come on bitch, you see where Brad at
    Ice my wrists and I piss on bitches
    You can suck my diznik if you take this jizzes
    You don't like them disses, give my ass some kisses"
    The song is called "you a stupid hoe" :doh: And lil' wayne is no different; all he talks about is money and promiscuity. So yeah, it really annoys me when people try to make me say that these artists are talented or great.
    Hey there! Since you like rap, I wanted to know what you think of artists like lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj? Personally, I can't stand either of them, but I have people around me who argue about how great and talented they are. So I came up with this "theory" that people who are fans of great artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac etc are in a better position to pass judgement on "greatness" in an artist because these artists (Pac and MJ) are officially great artists (It's not just an opinion, there is proof based on the records they set and their achievements). What do you think?
    lol you're welcome! and maybe once you meet her, you can buy her some trousers too lol :p
    Btw, I don't think anyone can do the lean unless they have those special shoes (like MJ's) that lock themselves to the floor. Am I right?
    hahaha I'm sure you are joking, but in case you are not; that's not me lol
    I actually wanted you to notice the lean because she played a little camera trick there. Notice how everything around her moves in slow motion when she does the lean :)

    Regardless, I have seen some of her other videos and she is actually an amazing dancer. Too bad her videos are never longer then 7 seconds :-/ Check out this one:


    It's my favorite ^_^
    I just finished watching Prison Break.. I really liked it.. I tried to watch Breaking Bad cause everybody kept telling me to watch it. But I felt asleep when I watched the first episode. I will definitely watch it as soon as I get the time to watch it. I have Netflix, and Moviebox (on jailbroken iPhone & iPad).. Do you know the movie Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart? I just watched it.. It was funny but kinda corny if you ask me.. It wasn't Kevin Hart his best work if you ask me.
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