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  • Heeey Smitty! :D Gee thank you! That link made my gotdang day!
    Especially the first 10-12 secs. How 'bout that?! :heart: Loved it all!
    hahahaha I like your sense of humour. Well, the movie is actually pathetic; don't be fooled by its name like I was. I stopped watching within 30 minutes lol It was predictable actually, I HATE that in a movie - I am a fan of surprises, you see. Now "The Croods” however, is an animation film that's totally worth watching (If you're interested).
    To answer your question, Epic was about tiny people living in the forest fighting with other “evil” tiny people and then a regular human being magically turns tiny to help the good ones defeat the bad ones. Booooring!!!
    That was bloody brilliant! Made me want to get up and dance lol
    The video was very nicely put together as well; showcased MJ's swag and sexiness perfectly! Thanks for sharing :)

    I'm about to start an animation film called Epic (2013 release) btw, have you ever watched it?
    Hello! Thank you for the Christmas message, that was very nice of you to think of me! :hug:
    I just noticed your rep message. Thanks again!
    Thanks for the Christmas message.

    I am disappointed with myself that I couldn't wish the same to you at the time. I will try to make up for that.

    I hope you're doing well.:)
    He's always been an inspiration ever since I was listening to him in the 90's lol He's my second biggest musical influence after Michael :yes:
    hahahahahahaha I would LOVE to have him as my lawyer :p I'm so watching this movie by the way! Thank you for sharing the clip ;)
    Well, to be very honest, I see where you're coming from when you say people might take offense. Since the man's tone and manner did seem like he was taunting them (Michael and Liz). Nevertheless, I found what he was saying funny because I imagined and pictured the events he was sharing (ignoring his mannerism). So yeah, I guess some people could get offended.
    I watched the link you posted on my profile, thank you it was very nice. I guess you should post it if it has not already been posted. I'm sure people will enjoy it. The wedding ring box part was absolutely hilarious. Neither Liz nor Michael could open it lol "Do they have servants to do that for them?" Cracked me up so bad! lol Also, I found it cute that Liz called for Michael when she couldn't open the box herself. A friend in need is a friend indeed! :)
    A happy belated new year brethren.. I'm not as much as I used to be on MJJC but I'm back! Appreciate the xmas wishes.
    I know Love. I was shocked when I saw it scroll across the bottom of my TV screen yesterday.

    It's funny,when I was talking about him today, I referred to him as "Uncle Phil, too. :(
    I always watch The FPOBA re-reuns.

    He'll be missed so much. Rest in peace Mr. James Avery, aka Uncle Phil.
    Oh you're welcome! I seem to be obsessed with poetry lately. This guy Christopher Poindexter has some amazing stuff. I actually just posted another really short poem of his on the thread. Now I don't mean to bother you with this, but I'm asking you because you seem to be just as interested in these things. Whenever you have time, would you check out the poem I posted and perhaps discuss its meaning here? I was really impressed by your perception on the previous one.

    This new poem I posted sounds beautiful and the language is very simple, but I'm afraid when I focus and try to comprehend what he is trying to say, I don’t see the point there lol I feel like there is some message in there I am not able to decipher. So yeah, whenever you have time (and if you don’t mind), can you take a look at it and let me know what you think? You seem to be more insightful than I am so I guess you would know what it means :)

    Thanks and sorry again, I feel like I am giving you homework lol
    Wow, that's deep. I’m not going to ask about your personal life. However, I just realized something: when you can personally relate to such ambiguous quotes, you are able discover a much deeper/hidden meaning. I simply interpreted it as follows: He loved her not because she was there for him in his good times (angels), but for being there for him in his bad times (demons).

    I like your interpretation way better. You touched every part of quote. For example, the “name” part – I hadn't really looked at it such a literal way, I personally just assumed that talking about her name is another poetic way of talking about the woman herself, but wow...thank you so much for sharing your perception, it was absolutely beautiful :) I’m so glad I asked. I wish we could give rep points for visitor messages.
    Thank you for the rep :) Since you liked the quote, do you mind telling me how you interpreted it? What do you think metaphors "danced with my angles" and "silenced my demons" mean?
    Sorry for asking, but I actually want to see if they mean what I think they mean.
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