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  • Such beautiful and touching thing you wrote in your submission for Michael's family........in that link.....just had to comment...... :) Such wise words............ from someone so young..........Bless you- your tribute is amazingly touching and very insightful...........I agree with you. :)
    yes, i felt quite well since i have just finished my travlling from UK
    i really love UK, so nice for me^^
    me too I find myself becoming more depressed every day and missing him more :cry:
    I know I so much hurt too, its a sadness that will always be in my heart. I've never felt a pain this great. Its almost 5 am and I cant sleep again :( I cant believe its been almost a month. :cry:
    Hi Dance!! I'm alright just cant sleep again :/
    how are you doing?
    I'm ok right now, how are you? Im just listening to MJs "Take me to the Place with No Name" have you heard it yet? Im like addicted to it! lol
    Hi! Just stopping by. :)
    I think we are going to the MJ concert at the same date! :) Pretty cool ;)
    Have a nice day!
    Hey Z..... What's up girlie???

    im fine how abt u?? Im quite busy these days with my job...so cant come online too often..but i do always visit MJJC :)

    so how abt u??? how is life??
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