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  • hiiiii!
    a new friend ^.^
    I don't know what took me so long!
    anyways.. let's enjoy :)
    BTW,,your avatar kills me.
    Ooooh I was just on my phone.. checkin the new forum and I saw your name.. I was like; could it be :shock:
    And then I saw your siggy!
    So I was like; oooooooh yaaaaay! :dancing:

    I posted there when that thread had like 12 pages.. and I stopped posting when it had about 50 pages..
    Now I just can't catch up! :lol:
    Too much stuff goin on! hahahaha

    Happy that you're there now too!
    Awww it's okay.. I thought you just left me! :weeping:

    Manhood has been busy.. now, not so much!
    Because of this new forum..
    I'll PM you the link later! ;D

    But I know right.. where the hell is everybody..
    Ian just started posting again.. He's been mad busy too..
    And I don't even know where Campari is!
    I havent talked to her in forever!
    And I sent her a message on FB.. but she didn't respond! :shock:

    But anyways..
    I'm okay.. had a bad week.. Missed Michael alot..ALOT!! I think I could cry like everyday! I wasnt even in the mood to go to the MH thread!
    Can you imagine :shock:

    But yeah.. try to come online more!
    I loved talking to ya!
    Glad you liked your present! LOL
    I guess you forgive me now for forgetting! :giggle:

    Okay this is the PERFECT b-day gift!

    Happy late Birthday honey!
    :huggy: :heart:
    I see you ain't around but still.. HAPPY BDAY :woohoo: have a good day eat lots of cake and stuff :p
    Oh my lord..Twilight? LOL
    JK I've seen the movie..and I wanted to go see New Moon too..and I saw there is another one coming soon! :doh:

    But yeah.. I just saw your most in the MH thread :shifty:

    So happy you're back! :dancing:
    I miss my old friends.. :huggy:
    Hi :ciao:

    What were you reading? :shifty: ROFL

    I guess we were too bad again..not with pics but with words LMAO! :trytobeangel
    We got a little carried away ROFL!

    Yeah you missed my birthday! :eek:

    But I like how you corrupted my page! :baby:
    Thank youuu!! :huggy:

    When will you be back in the manhoodthread?! I miss seeing your posts!:no:

    :huggy: :heart:
    Sweeeeety!! Yaaaay! :clapping:
    Glad to see you back!
    How are you doin?
    Missed ya!!

    I'm doin fine.. Work is great.. I transfered in january..back to my old floor.. And things are just as they used to be..Fun, Crazy! I love it!

    You reallyyyy need to catch up on alot! :eek:
    There are tons of hot ass gifs in the manhood thread so you neeeeed to read back!
    Well..maybe not READ back..but scan the pages for hot gifs hahaha!

    yaay you need to post in the manhood thread again!
    let the fun begin!! <3

    You need to decide soon though!
    The exhibition will move by the end of the month! :shock:

    It really was hard.. :cry:
    Thank god for all the wonderful fans1 MJ fans are the best!

    They really did, didn't they! Prince's speech was wonderful!
    And Paris broke my heart again! Prince did too though.. you could see he was struggling to find the words even though he's been through it I guess..
    I LOL'd at Usher..He was really feelin it bahahahaha! :lol:

    Oh I've been in the Manhood thread non stop since my day off! LOL
    Well..that's my home.. Macro thread used to be my home but I moved bahaahha!! :lol:

    Hope that weeks passes real quick! :lol:
    But cool that you got to meet your old friends! That's always good! ;D

    Hope to talk to you soon!!
    :huggy: :heart:
    Alone?! But yeah.. You gotta see it.. so it's better to go alone than not to go at all!
    And you'll make friends there ahahahha!
    MJfans are the best!

    It was weird to just walk into the O2.. Because we walked past the place where the conference was held.. :( So weird.
    And you'll cry when you'll see the exhibition too.. I just entered the room and I started to cry.. :cry:

    Awww You saw the speech too? Prince's voice is so mature.. I was really curious about his voice since I've had that little boys voice of his in my head LOL! :lol:

    And they looked great! I loved how they did it! These kids are so strong! :worship:

    I've been working my butt off! I got today off.. But I wasn't feeling well last night.. So I think I'll take it easy today! :)
    How are you?

    :huggy: :heart:
    It really was!! :wub:

    You mean he might take you to London to see the Exhibition? You know it will be there until the end of February right.. It'll move to Japan after this.

    Navi was very very interesting :lol:
    He's an amazing dancer though! He should stick with that..no singing! LOL

    I sure as hell know you to well :shifty:

    Awww I don't get to talk to you as often and now you're leaving too! :cry:
    But you can use the internet over there and lurk every once in a while right? :p

    I hope I'll talk to you soon darling!
    :huggy: :heart:
    I had to shorten it ALOT!! LOL And now I forgot what I typed in the first place! :doh: :lmao:
    Hey love!! :heart:

    The exhibition was soooo amazing!
    I'm still speechless!
    I wish everybody could go! This was so..touching!I cried!
    They showed a little clip.. And it was okay until we the clip was over and we had to walk inside the exhibition..
    And the first thing I saw was his Victory Tour outfit.. I think..
    And I started crying.. I was like; omg my heart..:cry:

    But I know you want other details :shifty: :lol:
    First things first.. He had BIG hands! :ph34r:
    Second.. The Goldpants was RIPPEDDD!!! :ph34r:
    Badtour outfit was AMAZING!! I so wanted to touch every damn thing in there!

    I got to meet alot of MJJC members!
    That was alot of fun!
    I met FunkeyJay and pg13
    and Beccabubbles of course and I saw alot more people!
    After the exhibition we could go shop in the O2 shop.
    And after that we went to the show where Navi performed.
    It was fun..but I don't even know why he started to sing:doh:
    I know I'm forgetting stuff..:scratch:
    I'll come up with it later!:p

    Ohh I'll try my best not to faint!
    Can't miss all the goods now can I? :shifty:

    When are you coming back to post and lurk and post some more?
    You haven't been in there for ages and you say that you're doing ok?! :no: How is this possible? LOL

    I'm going next week w00t w00t!
    Going to the MJJC Fanday! So that will be cool! :kickass:
    I'm good..
    Working alot lately!
    Going to London after all! So I can touch the Goldpants and Bad tour outfit for ya! :lol:

    How are you?
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