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  • :lol: OMG stop it!
    Now I just saw myself doing that :lmao:
    Ohhh damn! :lol:
    You know me too well :shifty: :lol:

    I was like; I hope I puke all over the place @ work! :lol: Telling me to go to work while I'm still sick :beee:
    But whatever.. I'll try! :sigh:

    Oh glad to hear your mom is okay now! :huggy:
    Feeling better and better by looking at that gif :fear: :ph34r:

    But nope..still the same..! No more puking thank god!
    And I just got a phonecall that I have to go to work tonight (nightshifts 11pm - 7am) and that I just have to try! >_< :western:

    How's your mom doing by the way?

    I love it when he pulls up his pants like that! :stars:

    Aww I feel so bad for your mom!
    Hope she feels better soon!
    I still have a major headach! And feeling dizzy..:stars:
    I hate being sick!
    ROFL.. Lovin it! :naughty:
    I just watched the HIStory tour..but I really gotta watch it again! :shifty:

    Yeah, I threw up 7 times...
    First time 6 o clock in the morning.. I had to go to work. So I thought I was kinda okay.. But at work I trew up again and they sent me home.
    @ home I threw up 5 more times! :(
    My stomach is acting really weird! I don't even know what it is. :cry:

    Thank for asking hun! :huggy:
    Lenaaaaa :dancin:

    Merry Christmas!
    I hope you have lots of fun with friends and family!

    see you soon ;)

    Merry xmas Darling! :huggy: :heart:

    Heya Lena!! havent seen you in the macro thread in a while.
    hope your doing ok, have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!
    I knowww! But I can't find the time to sit down, relax and read the story! :(
    Maybe tomorrow!

    I need to see that list.. I think it's very long! :lol:
    Jelly :fear: :lol:

    Bounce b-b-bounce b-bounce b-bounce! :lmao:

    I still need to read katies story! :fear:
    OMG I keep staring at the gif I just posted! :lmao:
    And the gif you just posted made me jizz too!
    thank you for accepting it and I noticed you'd given me some karma, thank you for that as well :D

    yeah, the lurkest lurka :lol:

    I was kinda shy but then thought let's get out of the darkness and here I am :D

    thanx, I am glad you liked them, I was in a SC mood the day I made them :D

    :lol: Well.. I think we can make anything :naughty: :fear:
    Feelgood movies are fun too, right! I like mindnumbing movies.. :mellow:

    I know.. I really need to take a list.. and the list is loooong! I'll put you first.. :shifty: OMG can't believe I'm actually going to see his stuff! :swoon:

    ROFL! IKR! HAHAHA I think he'd need some kind of armour! :lmao:
    I would just if I got picked out of the audience.. And then I'd jizz again if he came near me, and then when he'd touch me..
    and lay on top of me moving like Janet did ! :dropdead:

    *damn panties* :fear:
    That guy was so happy by the way! :lmao:

    Yeah I just read it! Can't wait to hear it! :D
    :lol: Well.. Moon finished her story..
    I hope it's a little :naughty:

    I haven't seen those movies:fear: I love re watching movies too! :heart:

    IKR! I'm going on Monday! :wild: I'm soooooo excited! Gaaaaaah! GOLDPANTS! BAD TOUR OUTFIT! GOLDEN LEOTARD!

    OMG! I knowww!
    If only!.. :dropdead:
    They wouldn't even need to use the ropes :lol:
    SRSLY IMAGINE Mike doing those moves on you and sajshfdufewrazjh:dropdead:
    Hot damn..
    *changes panties* :fear:
    Hi girl :hug:

    I'm good, I think.. just crazy busy.. I haven't even started the christmas shopping yet :lol: help :lol:

    How r u? :)
    Oh! I saw a video of Janet.. Performing..
    Have you seen it?
    It's.. well, wow! :lol:
    First thing that popped in mind was; If only Michael did that.. :naughty:
    If you haven't seen it I'll post the link here :shifty:
    Darling! :huggy:

    SRSLY! :shifty: DANG! I'm 21 but I can't write a story like that!
    :shifty: Alright, I see, alright..
    Me too bytheway.. But I really need a Sham story! :shifty: :shifty:

    Wich movies did you buy? I love watching movies and buying DVDs.. I was addicted for a while.. I have over 200 DVDs (yes yes I stole your smiley)

    I'm good!
    I need to pack my bags for London! :happy:
    Aaah I'm sorry Moon got to it first!

    i'm doing fine, thank you.
    How are you? :)

    I'm at work, being a little bored so I thought.. hey, macro thread! :giggle:
    RLY? how old is she!
    her stories made me

    I usually get bored easily too..But I couldn't think of anything else.. I just had to make it! :lol:

    Lebanon! I totally forgot! :lol:

    I saw you in the Playground thread already.. I guess you ditched them? :coffee:
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