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  • I loved it when Shamfabz was in there.. She was even badder :lmao:
    Her stories :dropdead:

    Great minds really do think alike :shifty: yessurrrr! :lol:
    It took me a while to find 19 pictures :yawn:
    And then I had to edit it and make a collage out of it..

    Where the heck do you live.. Have you told me this before?:ermm: I can't remember :lol: it's 4:37 pm over here!

    I hope you have a good time with your friends! ;D
    :naughty: We are so bad! :lol:
    I still love our motto! :naughty:

    I'm gonna PM you in a sec..
    Remember, It doesn't have the words in it yet ;D

    Aww that's cool! What are you guys gonna do? Party? What time is it over there :ermm:

    I went to my bestie a couple hours ago..
    And we just hung out.. Chilled, talked, a little gossip here and there :coffee:
    You know the drill.. :mellow:

    Okay.. maybe we CAN go there :naughty: I'd like to go there :shifty: :lol:

    Well it took me alot of time to come up with something.. And to make it..
    And it's not even hot :weeping:
    At least yours was :shifty:
    I could show you if you want? :ermm:

    What did you do today hun? :huggy:
    MJ giving you 15 winks is damn cool (and hot but let's not go there :lol: )

    I think mine is lame.. :lol:

    Glad to see you're great! :huggy:
    I'm doin fine! Worked hard today..
    Now I'm just chillin @ MJJC.. :giggle:
    Well it's not as cool as yours:ermm:
    But it's okay! :lol:

    How are ya hun? :huggy:
    I finished my Xmas macro..
    Except for the text..
    I'll do that when it's the 19th :lol:
    My god.. I hope they like it.. :ermm:
    i can prove but i don't dare :lol:
    Sils won't kill ya, all the gang already knows right? :scratch:
    so you sayin' am not part of the gang now? :weeping:

    slow down? & damn? who's quoting now? :giggle:
    I saw this floor gif few days ago and I thought the same :fear:

    maybe this one isn't from the sexiest, but I still love it:

    me? :blink: lyin'? :shock: :boohoo:
    i prefer the word: bluffin' :cheeky:

    oh & it's you be lyin' :eviltongue:
    :yes: watching BAD short film too many times would do that to ya :giggle:

    you know i can't go into this thread no more :no:
    why you do this to me? :girl_weeping:

    dude, srsly i gotta stop quoting :doh:

    It didn't come with a warning when I read it! :heat:
    OMG it has been a long time since I read it actually.. So when I sent you that PM I drooled all over my keyboard! :dribble:

    I'll see you're hot xmas gif tomorrow then! :naughty:
    IKR.. Just a simple smile or look makes me go :stars:
    It won't bother me at all..I'll enjoy every minute of it! :coffee:

    Oh I think I missed that..:scratch:
    Haven't really seen you in that thread lately. :mellow:

    Not just a tree lover but a "tree"lover :naughty: :shifty:

    What!? Mike and what.. Naomi? :bugeyed Nooooo!
    OMG what have I said.. :scratch:

    I'm gonna search for that story and I'm gonna PM it to you!
    I had that version on my blackberry so one day, after reading that story. I drove to work, on my bike.. And then that acapella version came on!
    I jizzed right then and there :shifty: :fear:

    *tries to contain herself*
    I think you should try it, it's beautiful sport ;D
    ahh I'm waiting for more sexy gifs :shifty:
    Of course I like it! :shifty: Mikey giving you 15 winks :dropdead:
    I won't :wild:! I'll be like; *touch* this one is for Lena *touch* this is for TheBronx *touch* for Camp..etc etc! :dribble: :lol:

    Hmm weird.. I haven't seen the invitation :scratch:
    Why did you decide not to go?
    ROFL@ "I don't play like that".. Me neither.. -_-

    I knew you'd like the giving tree macro :naughty: LMAO!

    LMP..dude IKR! :dropdead:
    I've read some stuff about their UNF life!! :dropdead: :dropdead:
    Don't know if it's true ..but after I read it..I listened to ITC, the acapella version! :dropdead:
    Hey hun
    missed ya :huggy:

    thank God you brought a different friend than the one Sils brought :doh:
    i guess we now know who's BAD & who's BADDER :cheeky:
    I just saw your PM :dropdead:

    You know me too well..:shifty:
    I already told Camp, I'm gonna spend a while touching his outfits.. Alot of people asked me to touch the goldpants or bad outfit for them!! LOL :lol:

    Well.. I saw my name in one of the macros :lol:
    But I don't think I was at the wedding.. I can't remember being invited :lmao:
    But you were there too right, I think I saw your name?! LOL :lol:

    That giving tree macro is one of the best macros I've made..IMO! :lmao:
    I mean dirty thought just pop in to your head when you see that macro.. :naughty:
    I've doing it for about 7 years.. ;D
    ahhh thanks for the gif *faints*
    I'm going there, hugs! :bye:
    Yeah PM me! :wild:

    I'll try my best! :shifty:
    But I heard you can't take pictures..and you're not allowed to touch the things.. I'll try anyway :shifty:

    Wedding? I wasn't there :mellow: :scratch:
    Were you there? :lol:

    Nice gifs huh! :naughty:
    LOL! When do you have to post your macro thingy? What day? I have the 19th.. I'm gonna fail so hard!

    No matter what happens..what if they kick me out!? :cry:




    I'm fine, thanks :shifty: I'm going to stable to get some horse ride soon...
    And how are you? :shifty:

    :lol: Even that gif made me feel all warm inside! :stretcher

    I have nooo idea for my xmas macro man! :shock:
    I thought of something..but it was kinda dirty.. So I don't think that's allowed! :lol:
    Now I have to think of something else! :scratch:

    And I'm so excited for the trip! Aaaah can't wait to touch the goldpants and the bad tour outfit and the golden leotard! :dropdead:
    OMG NADIA!!!
    When I posted that one in the macro thread I died laughing! :lmao:

    Lena I wanna spam your visitor box with hot ass gifs! :shifty:
    I don't mind though!
    But I wonder if Apples still wants to come visit my page after seeing that! :shifty:

    But that second gif is hot too!
    How are ya darling?!

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