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  • ..and if you think BEP are ok... with, or without the fergie? yeah kayne, is realy intresting and i thought hes last album was genuis.most def..!..mos, im still going on .right ,linkage plz to mos deff ? i never did look at his stuff that much ...would be nice to learn more on mos deff :yes:annnd common .....though.i liked the robot video thing it did with phayrell ....i didnt like nerd though ...dilated peoples? US3?..k thats 90s..hmm um ..i like nelly :blush:...yes ...yes ..i kno its commerical ...sold out .to the game ...and he has a fat head now :rolleyes: ..but... but ! ..:wild:..hes first album country grammer ws the shitz (for me )lolz. ah, we never mentiond snoop? snoop? what about the game ? can you give me some links to Qtip..i liked breathe and stop alot...and all the tribe called quest stuff but i didnt follow him up after breathee and stop .
    let me think..rottin razkals ?..(klicklow klicklow) ...gangstar?..i was pretty cut up when guru died liked playaz ball.i liked most their early stuff yeeze, not all the mrs jackson stuff think i liked them up to 98 ).like roots ? and roots menuva ,k..i spelt that wrong .empd ?...yeah i should write in capitalz lol .i liked lauren hill :thinking:and the fugees ...what about pharcyde? "DROP" thats a killa video innnit haha ....what did you think of xzibit's (three card molly) before it did all the pimp my ride stuff ....
    hiiya !yeah ...i like a lil bit of it :yes: yep,nas is always been one of my best imo:yes: krs one :wild: ........i loved ganstar rap for a long time...i loved redman,busta,... wu, (c.r.e.a.m.):angel: ...and meth ..when he went solo with tical :wild:..i also liked coolio, and the g funk era was cool ..warren g.... ah,i dont kno who immortal technique is , but i have herd of most the others ,havnt herd black milk stuff though... is that realy underground then ?..teach me like bone?.i love their first album. tryin to think... . dmx?:wild:...eric sermon?..craig ,i forgot its second name i dont mean craig david LMAO ..i ment craig...mack yeah thats it ..erm what else....i never liked mase ,:thinking:did you like mace ?...i liked da brat ,lil kim:wub::agree:um.....lady of rage .i.liked queen latif. when she did a song with de la soul.. um...rza?... like mobb deep? i love shookones(part2) bloody killa tune!:wub:.
    hey yeezy :wild: many thanxs for the linkage this is exciting .i wonder what hes thinking? album out in nov .. so, who do you think is great in hip hop now yeez ? and do you like naughty by nature ?tupac, meth, wu, onyx,cube, any classic ones stand out ? ... i kno i come with many a question:doh:..:lol:.....and yeah im doin ?:) x
    thanxs :).
    i just want to kno when the new album is coming out [kaynes] and also what do you think of power [vid] asking again yeezy cos ,my message might have got lost ....oh wait.
    its down there ,i can see it .i look lke a right chump now repeatin myself :doh::lol:
    anyway thanxs for the hugg man , and yeah ..what do you think of it :thinking:

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    hey! saw your post on a thread.
    you asked what a picture disc is.
    its vinyl but on the vinyl is a picture.
    you can play it but most people just frame it or look at it.
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