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  • Hey, do you know what happened to 'Michael In The Mirror - The Michael Jackson Pictures Forum'? When I try to enter it says "you do not have permission to access this page."
    Oh bless you Zakk thankyou :huggy: , I'm so pleased for you :) , yes you must keep in touch :yes: good luck with your new job Zakk and God Bless You :huggy: xx Lis xx
    Hi Zakk :hiya: Congratulations :yes: on getting your job , that's great I know how much you wanted one when we spoke about it , that's great I'm so pleased for you :huggy: xx

    Hi Zakk :) Lis here , how are you :) I just want to thankyou for posting the BMA link , I've been looking everywhere for it :) I was going to write you a message and ask you so that's great we'll done !!!
    Hey Zakk :ciao:

    How kind of you to send me a friend request.
    I'm fine thanks.
    I'm never home on a Thursday afternoon. I go grocery shopping then. So, I'm just home :)

    Hope you have a good day,

    I've been reading the MJJC scrolling comments. I am so, so sorry...I can see you loved her very, very much. :(
    dear,sorry we didn't talk much...i was busy with my mom...i hope we will talk tomorrow.Goodnight dear,love you.XXX
    I'll start editing after I come home. I have lot of stuff to do until I leave.
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