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  • thanks ... how you doing ?? i am drunk as a bitch and cannot sleep. work will be a bitch in a few hours **smacks face**
    hi mate, cheers for your message just been a bit busy. hope you had a great holiday.
    yes!!! but...a lil more enthuiasssssasium babes ! like this >> "!!!wibbly goldfsh ! :wild:!!!" you have to shout it you see ...puts a smileeeeeee on your face :wub:
    not that you wernt smilin before though ~:lol:
    (excuse my spellin mistakes _)have a lovely day hun !
    I take it one day at a time my friend... one day at a time

    I wont lie to you it does wear thin some days. I'm referred to as "that mod L.J" as opposed to just L.J and I'm seen as a pain by most members rather than just another member, but like in everything, there's good with the bad so I shouldn't complain :)
    hi zith, I see you are online, I responded to your post. I am a bit not understanding what you are meaning? can you please explain?
    Ditto ;)

    Well that minutes of my life I wont get back.
    Thank god for the spelling police!
    Good topic earlier my friend, love to see some more pop up you're only 8 posts from crackin the century!
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