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  1. Billie_Jean09

    Fan gathering 'Show of love for justice for Michael' 12th Feb 2011 Green Park London UK

    Fans are planning to gather together to show their love for MJ and wanting justice for Michael. Meeting up initially at Green Park tube station at 13.00 hrs, then moving on to St. James Park London. Flyers have been made to hand to the general public, to raise awareness of 'Dr' Murray's...
  2. Billie_Jean09

    1 direction for MJ 12th Feb 2011 London UK

    I'm surprised that this hasnt been posted on here, searched for it, but couldnt find, so apologies if it has been posted and I've just not seen it! 1 direction for MJ is holding a fan gathering in London UK on Sat 12th Feb 2011. The purpose of the gathering is to show peacefully how we want...
  3. Billie_Jean09

    Our beautiful universe! Pics of solar systems & stars!

    Our universe is amazing! :) Mind boggling beauty of stars and the solar system! No one can surely not be amazed and absorbed by pics like these! :doh::yes: Our Michael would love these pics I'm sure!
  4. Billie_Jean09

    What more can I give- 9 yrs on

    I searched for threads relating to this subject, but didnt find. Mods feel free to move this if a thread has already been made about it. Michael Jackson was so moved and affected by the terrible act of mans inhumanity to man 9 yrs ago today, that he made his song with other artists. ''what...
  5. Billie_Jean09

    Lady in my life

    I searched for this but didnt find, so I apologise in advance to mods if this song has already been mentioned/ disected! :doh::wub: I have recently bought Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead's book ' Michael Jackson- for the record' :D It's like my bible on MJ songs! Lady in my life song was...
  6. Billie_Jean09

    you are not alone

    Lets disect ''you are not alone'' song :smilerolleyes: I seriously LOVE this song. You are not alone, I am here with you.:wub:
  7. Billie_Jean09

    Wimbledon Tennis! Anyone here watch/like?

    I just thought I'd ask whether anyone here likes or watches the big grand slam tennis tournaments? ie Wimbledon?:) I love Wimbledon tennis and have been several times! The king of the grass court Roger Federer is out, but Andy Murray is through to the semi finals! :D I know that any talk of...
  8. Billie_Jean09

    Anyone old enough here to appreciate The Jam?

    The Jam? As in Paul Weller Bruce Foxton and Rick Butler??:doh: No didnt think so! lol :doh: Me being a teen in the 80's The Jam and Paul Weller is very much part of my era! :yes: Please tell me there is someone on here who likes Paul Weller? He is the same age as MJ 3 months older, born 25th May...
  9. Billie_Jean09

    BBC News- Why Fillipino prisoners dancing to Thriller?

    Just came across this before I was going to bed so logged back in to post!:) Check this out! apologies if already posted. I did do a search for it and didnt find! It's dated 9th April so it's recent! Critics say it's not proper...
  10. Billie_Jean09

    Eddie Jones U stream-Body Guard says CM DID leave MJ

    Not sure if this has been posted. Apologies if it has........:doh: This U Stream vid I saw from a link on the official site. Eddie Jones Jnr has many people in his radio broadcastig room. Someone who works directly for Joe Jackson, and various other people including a rep of...
  11. Billie_Jean09

    So much pain u dont know what to do with it

    Do you feel so much pain that you dont know what to do with it?:) Or where to go with it?:( It's there, you cant break it. There is no where to go with this pain. Our love for MJ isnt in vain yet hurts.....the injustice is destroying me:doh: Lets hold hands and hearts:wub: We need...
  12. Billie_Jean09

    Paul Welller He is 3 months older than MJ

    Hello everyone! I wanted to make this thread as I like Paul Weller and wondered if anyone else on here does?:scratch: Paul Weller is another artist who has been the sound track to my life! The Jam.............The Syle Council...............and as a solo artist!:) This is my first day in 9months...
  13. Billie_Jean09

    Human nature on TII the growl and hand flap!

    MJ's Human nature song on this is it............:wub: It's always brought up in convos with MJ fan friends..........we love the way he nods his head to his left shoulder...........and growls ''I like loving this way''............ and of course the arm flap!:yes: Lets talk about human nature on...
  14. Billie_Jean09

    Blue Ray song playlist feature how does it work?

    Hi. Can anyone please advise me on how to get the most from the Blue Ray version of TII, specifically the feature of being able to add via your email addy the songs to 'your playlist'? I used this feature but when I checked my emails the songs were listed that I had chosen but they wouldnt...
  15. Billie_Jean09

    Justice for Michael. Letter to DA asking for 2nd degree murder charge

    I thought that this was best put here as although it might be considered as a ''fans take action'' it is directly to do with Conrad Murray's conviction charge. This is a letter that a friend of mine wrote to Jerry Brown DA regarding CM's conviction. It is long but I am posting the main part...
  16. Billie_Jean09

    Children in your life- what they think of TII

    I searched for this but only found MJ's children watching TII, so I wanted to create a thread where we can discuss the children in our lives who have seen This is it, and their reactions to it!:yes: I managed to show my 4yr old grandson part of TII dvd today. ( He has adhd so keeping his...
  17. Billie_Jean09

    MJ's Mum Katherine. Sending letters & gifts.

    I am in the process of writing a letter to Michael's mum Katherine and have also made a video which I dedicate to her about her precious son Michael. The trouble is I live in the UK so am wondering how I can get this video to her? I have used a song called ''Precious child'' by Karen...
  18. Billie_Jean09

    This is it Drummer- Sugar Foot!

    I would be interested to learn more about Michael's drummer 'Sugar Foot' or just 'Foot' for short! He said that Michael liked him to work with him as he kind of had an intuative ability to almost predict MJ's next moves, whether it be a spin etc..............and he was very finely tuned to...
  19. Billie_Jean09

    Songs Michael sang but didnt write. Discuss them here please

    I wanted to start a thread on songs that Michael sang but didnt write, like Man in the Siedah Garret etc. I am so moved and touched by the song ''she out of my life'' and the fact that Michael sang this song with so much feeling like only an adult should know......? This...
  20. Billie_Jean09

    To ALL long time members here. plz read from my heart

    :yes:Dear all long time members here. I would like to say that I can understand why you would be a little vexed about new members such as myself having joined after Michael passed. This site was for you a safe haven and a place to chat about and support Michael through his darkest...