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    REQ Michaels Dangerous Tour Glasgow 1992 Aug

    Does anyone have any pro or amateur pictures taken from his only Glasgow show from 1992?
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    MJJC TV Back!

    Hey guys incase you didnt already know, the official channel of MJJCommunity has been shut down by Youtube. We are back though! the official channel of MJJC, MJJC TV is back at: "Subscribe and Add us as a Friend!"
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    I Will Always Be Missing You by Judith Hill Tribute to Michael. MJJC EXCLUSIVE Video by Blackenise

    Judith was to join Michael in London for the concerts this past July, for a duet on stage and to sing back up vocals for him. We present a special video made by Timo (Blackenise), the MJJC Video Competition Champion, along with the song written by Judith as a tribute to our idol and hero...
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    MJJC Official Youtube Channel reaches 3000 Subscribers!

    With some amazing news from one of our social networking sites, our official Youtube channel, MJJC TV just accepted its 3000th subscriber! I can tell you personally that its you guys, the fans of our legend and hero Michael Jackson, making this possible, may the site continue to grow like his...
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    My videos gone, please help (B2B Videos)

    Hey everyone, i am praying that some of you remember the videos Ive posted. I have lost them all. My hard drive was knocked off the table by someone in my college and it refuses to work now. All I have is a dvd copy of my video documentary, all the B2B videos I made are gone. Im looking for...
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    [VID] Memorial Program Pictures and Messages (beautiful!) must see if you havent seen the program, i want one now! :(
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    "Why Couldn't You Stay?" My Final B2B MJ Tribute Memorial Video, Download available

    Hey everyone, I put up a few videos on MJJC made by others or old ones I had made remixed with new music but nothing was done from the heart, this was. Its emotional, a lot of tears went into it and I want to share it with each of you who is going through I know a great deal of pain but we must...
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    Why Couldn't You Stay? FINAL B2B Produced MJ Tribute... I recently lost all my work with no way of retrieving it so I created this last night at 3 in the morning crying with so much emotion! I love you Michael Please watch comment and sub me at my own channel if you like my work. I love you so...
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    MJJC Tv an outpouring of love, An Army of Love!

    I just wanted to thank all the fans who have shown their support and love for our hero Michael. I had hoped we would reach 1000 subs in a few months but the endless outpouring of love and spirit has done something really good. I just wanted to share its success with all of you and be sure to...
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    A video memoriam for Michael Jackson (1958-2009) from MJJC Tv

    We are all saddened by the loss of our hero, our idol, and words cant express the deep sadness we are feeling, however I feel this video does. We at MJJC Tv have took a look back over the years and with this video courtesy of DJMp3, we have a fantastic video tribute to the memory of Michael...
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    MJ Video tributes from fans all over the world

    MJJC playlist with over 140 videos, with more being as they are seen! Post your own video tributes and I'll add them to the playlist. :) King of Pop Forever!
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    Michaels scheduled Q Cover shot revealed.

    The King :( RIP Michael The decision to feature the star on the cover was taken three months ago and the issue was intended to mark the start of the Jackson's London concerts, the editor said. Photographer John Wright, who snapped the cover image, said he was given just 90 seconds to take...
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    Check out my new J5 tshirt!

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    MJJC President, Gary Taylor speaks to Sky News

    I think this deserves its own thread, for members to see our very own President, and owner of MJJC, Gary speak EXCLUSIVELY to Sky News about the This is it Tour! Cant believe we are just seeing this now (cough! GARY! lol) Gary did a fantastic job giving a positive interview for Michael and the...
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    500? Lets Make it 1000 :)

    Today, MJJC Tv received its 500th subscriber. :D A huge milestone for the MJJC Youtube Channel, however I know we could turn that into 1000, come on everyone! Invite us as a friend and subscribe to us, lets make MJJC the biggest and the best around the web and Youtube also ;)...
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    Official O2 Video/ TV Coverage - Youtube, News sites, etc

    Hey everyone, thought I'd start a thread with all the latest videos to come from MJJC TV covering the This is It Tour starting in London this July. Here are some of the EXCLUSIVE reports, teasers and music videos already put up on MJJC TV for the countdown to Michaels first performance in...
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    March 9th- News and Mentionings....Michael telephones Jade Goody?

    there wasnt a thread so I thought why not just turn this one i made for the jade story into it for today. Sorry News staff, dont mean to step on any toes! ;) Go ahead and post the news and mentionings for Michael today! :D heard this on tv this morning and its also being reported in the...
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    MJJC TV 2009 Video Maker Competition - VOTE 4 your Favourite Finalist!

    Here are the 10 Finalists for the MJJC TV 2009 Video Competition. Please give one vote for your favourite video, the winner will be the person with the most votes at the end of one week. You have until the 24th of February to vote, Good Luck to everyone who has made it this far and to all...
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    MJJC TV 2009 Video Maker Competition Discussion

    Hi everyone, we at MJJC have decided that due to the amount of talented video makers out there now from the creation of youtube, we are going to have a competition with the community on the forum and our social network Youtube Channel. Click Here to see the Entries, go to post #110 Here is...