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    Anyone with dyslexia and dyscalculia?

    I have been thinking a little bit about this actually (don't be offended if you feel targeted I a just curious) I was recently diagnosed with dyscalculia which mean I cannot count numbers and do a quick calculation of something it all gets blurry for me. It's little bit like dyslexia...
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    The King MJJ - My new blog!

    I just started a blog writing only about Michael, opened it a couple of days ago but decided to post the link here now! Come and visit it and comment if you like it! :punk::punk: THE KING MJJ :wild::D:clap:
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    Your very first video....

    I am not sure if this thread exist but I must tell you about my first ever video I saw of Michael and that actually made me a fan of him. I was around 5 years old and newly moved to Sweden (I'm adopted), this was back in late 1989 and I was fortunate to have MTV (not alot of households in...
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    About In the closet video!

    Heeeey... I've been thinking of something for some time actually but it raised my mind earlier today while I was watching In the closet in which by the way must be the sexiest video ever made by Mike, don't you think so too? Anyway back in the old days actually in the early 90's when the video...
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    Where's the UK fans?

    The reason I make this thread is because I miss some of my UK friends I befriended after some of my travels to the UK but I somehow lost contact with some of them... if there are any UK fans from (MJNO, MJJB and MJEOL) out there please holla back at me .... I miss you guys and if I still had the...
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    Missing an MJ chatroom!!

    Is it just me who misses having a chatroom for Michael fans? I remember when MJIFC and had a chatroom and it was always filled with fans all over the world, does anybody know that type of chatroom exist anymore? If you know please let me know!:ph34r:
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    P-square gives tribute to Mike!

    I am unsure if this thread exist but I'll give it a shoot anyway... Is anyone familiar with the nigerian music duo P-square? If not, they are one good group actually... They made a tribute video to Michael though called "Personally"... have you seen it? If not here it is!
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    Give life back to MJ!

    This song is smashing!!! I just surfed the net and found a couple of good mashups with Daft Punk and Michael and this one really halted my attention... AMAZING! What y'all thinkin' of it?
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    Myspace's dead?

    Hmm, I was wondering about a few things while surfing this part of the forum... Is it still even existing and does anyone still use it or is facebook the new myspace? I am not sure, I know I had one for a few years (11 years for being exactly) but I don't remember my username or if...
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    Facebook; pros & cons.

    I am 80% sure that some of you have facebook right? Well I do as well, however my question isn't about whether you use or have facebook, my question is how is facebook AFFECTING you? How have facebook influenced you? What pros does FB have and the cons, why do you think after researches they...
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    Opening my heart! (PLEASE READ).

    hello fellow Michael Jackson fans! There has been years since I stepped my foot at this place, I've regain and built my new life in every way possible in so many ways. If you think about it all the confused and irrational comments and topics fans make including me unfortunately then there's no...
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    Stop! She hasn't seen This is it?

    Oh you all gonna bite my ass now aren't you. Not only I've been on hiatus for months and breathing in a papersack all these months trying to cope and rebuilding my life etc but I haven't had any time or will to watch This is it. I must admit it feels like something I wouldn't just hide under the...
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    Cindy says hello.

    Long lost "fan" have not returned, just to check how everyone's doing. I've had ups and downs these couple of months but that's nothing new, we all were. How are you everyone at MJJCommunity? Everyone's coping well? I know I have, but there are still some few things I can't talk or watch about...
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    Legally changing my last name!

    I've strongly considering changing my last name to Jackson, I've been introducing myself as Jackson since 98 though but never really fully on paper, thinking of really doing it. It's time for me to do something about this.... I need to. Have you ever considered changing your last name to Jackson?
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    Kina Grannis covers "Remember the time"

    So beautiful and peaceful... listen to this song.... Thank you Kina.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: My Youtube account (RELATED to Michael!)

    Many of you already know I ran a successful youtube account with a very successful video of "Making of - We are the world", it had over 5 million views in a past few days with constant comments and appreciations I put that video up. It's a very rare video and hard to find, I decided to put it...
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    From Michael's closest friend.

    I read on myspace the other day this following statement coming from one of Michael's most private friends, there were actually two, he or she wishes to be anonymous which I fully can understand regarding the circumstances....
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    Goodbye everyone!

    I've decided to leave you all, I won't be posting on ANY MJ board from now on. I won't hear another Michael song and I won't see a picture with him, this is the only way for me to continue on, I can't do it if I see another video or song by Michael. I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS love Michael from the...
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    Cindy's Painting thread.

    here are some paintings I've done recently in which I want to share with you guys, note not all paintings are good though but trying to do my best. Recent Painting (Made 2009-06-11) Time: 5 hours.
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    Which hairstyle do you prefer?

    So come on tell me, what hairstyle do you prefer to see Michael with? Short straight hair (YANA Style) Short Curly Hair (Dangerous VMA 95) Long straight hair Long Jheri Curl Hair