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  1. karom

    A to Z Books

    A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)
  2. karom

    The Imitation Game

    I am so excited about this movie. I can't wait for it to come out.
  3. karom

    The Toast Thread

    A thread for toasts. Let's toast. :D First of all, as he is the inspiration for it, to Spike. :cheers: And then, to the birth of a new thread. :cheers: :rofl:
  4. karom

    A dare for everyone

    I dare you people to learn it. I double dare you. :rofl:
  5. karom

    Describe yourself in 5 or less words

    Title says it all. My description:
  6. karom

    Favorite two songs (game)

    The "Favorite 2 songs" thread someone started a while ago gave me an idea for a game. This is how it goes: Someone posts the name of an artist and the next person lists their favorite two songs from that artist then they post another artist and so on. :D I'll start with who else but Michael...
  7. karom

    Michael Jackson caption contest

    Hey guys! I took this idea from another forum. This is how you play the game: Someone posts a picture of MJ, and then everyone posts a caption for that picture. Three days later, the person who posted the picture decides who had the best caption (and a few honorable mentions as well). Then, the...
  8. karom

    Gif me a Gif and I'll Gif you a Gif.

    I personally love Gifs and I collect them. I think they're great ways of expressing something and also, highly amusing. So if you have a gif you like, which reflects your moods, thoughts, feelings or simply makes you laugh, share it with all of us. :D This is how I feel right now.
  9. karom

    Draw a line

    I have a new game. What you have to do is draw an imaginary line between any two points of your choice, then ask the next person to draw a line. There is, of course, a secret to drawing a good line which you will have to figure out on your own. :D Once you figured it out, do not post it here, as...
  10. karom

    RT Good Days -- *All time epic posts*

    Hey everyone...I was just thinking...I've had so much fun here and I bet many of you have as well, so in this thread I would like to bring back a piece of the good ol' days by posting the most epic posts ever made here in RT. So if you have anything in mind, go ahead and share :) I'll start...
  11. karom

    Say it with smilies

    Ok so what you gotta do is say something with smilies and the next person has to understand what you said and then either answer or say something else I'll start: :baby: + :candy: = :girl_happy: (culo it's for you) :D
  12. karom

    What if?

    Hey! here's a new game...haven't seen one like this around it goes: I ask a question that starts with "what if" and the next person answers and asks another question and so on. it's a very good imagination exercise :lol: What if you could take a little bit of a cloud?
  13. karom

    The Riddle Thread

    Another one:wild: since the other one was so fun I figured I might just go on:D so the rules are the same only the story's different...this one's not as hard as the gull one tho:D There was this man found dead, naked in the middle of a field...all that was found around him was a tiny stick...
  14. karom

    Hard creepy riddle aka the gull thread

    Ok this idea came to me today:D how about I share with you a hard and kinda creepy riddle...see if you can guess:P So there was this girl and she was born blind, one day she went to a restaurant and ordered some seagull. When the waiter brought her the seagull, she took one bite, then went to...
  15. karom

    A-Z of your fav sweets

    I haven't seen a thread like this around and since I'm a big sweet lover I wanna see what your fave sweets are:D I'll start almond cookies:dribble:
  16. karom

    The 'I' thread

    Ok I am so so so soooooo bored so here’s a stupid thread:D . whoever wants to see all the MJ school stuff I bought this year say “I” :lol: Sorry guys but I’m just so bored:toofunny: If I get over 10 “I’s” I’ll show you :lmao: Again sorry ‘bout the stupidity of this...